Mommy! There’s a Strawman in the Girls’ Bathroom!

We can debate HB2 all we want, but this bill will soon be struck down. There are lawsuits waiting. There’s a precedent set in the case in Virginia. The Department of Justice has already told the NC General Assembly it is a violation of civil rights.

Some people may say that the feds have no business telling the state of North Carolina what to do. That was said years ago when Jim Crow laws were in effect. But the truth is that the Dept. of Justice has the authority to say that NC is violating people’s civil rights and that they will withhold federal monies from North Carolina. And we are dependent on the feds.

But I digress. We are here to talk about keeping kids safe in NC.

Take a look at this site –

Go ahead.

Scroll down to the bottom part of the screen and watch the video entitled “North Carolina’s Common Sense Bathroom Law Protects Our Kids”.

It lasts about one minute.

It has a sexual predator dressed as a biker with an AC/DC-type shirt in animated form exhibited like a business presentation or a commercial for a moral cleanser.

But it’s really a logical fallacy smorgasbord.  If I mixed some “common sense fallacy” with a little “reductio ad absurdum”, then added a dash of dried “red herring” and a smidge of “appeal to fear” and finally dropped  three strands of hair from a “strawman”, then I would get this paid advertisement from the NC Republican Party.

But I digress even more. Because I am still stuck on the high and pompous name of the website – Keep NC Kids Safe.

In a classic “name it and claim it” maneuver, the GOP party in this state claims to be the ones who are keeping kids safe. And that makes me furious because if now is the time to keep kids safe, then the GOP has a distorted view of what can keep kids safe and what has been threatening them in the past.

  • Did they ever present a plan to keep kids safe from poverty when over 20% of our state’s children live in poverty?
  • Did they ever think of keeping kids safe from unhealthy sicknesses when they decided to not expand Medicaid? Do they support the State Children’s Health Insurance Program? Do they support The Child Care Association of NC? Do they support the NC Early Childhood Foundation? Shouldn’t that be on this website?
  • Did they keep kids safe from guns by taking a stand against lax gun control laws?
  • Did they keep kids safe academically and intellectually when they slowed money allocation to the public education system, especially pre-k programs? Smart Start?
  • Did they keep kids safe from unemployment when they reduced benefits for unemployed parents or guardians?
  • Did they keep kids safe by speaking up about child abuse or addressing lack of support in social services?


Those each need a page on the website.

It sounds like if the GOP wanted to keep kids safe, then the website would have been put up years ago for the very issues that plague the health and safety of our kids.

There is a lot to be learned here from double-speak and political spin, but one has to wonder why something that has been called “unconstitutional” by many is still “common sense” to some who constantly blame the media for misrepresentation.

When there are so many issues that really affect the safety of our kids, why is there so much focus on a bathroom?

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