Week in Review for May 9 – 14 – Bathroom Strawmen,Suing Su Casa, Respect, Salt-n-Pepa, Oh Brother! Where Art Thou Rose?

Yes, busy week.

Read for the first time again.

Mommy! There’s a Strawman in the Girls’ Bathroom!


Mi Casa Will Sue Su Casa!


The Reward of Having Respect


Salt-n-Pepa’s Here – An Open Letter to Chuck Hughes and the Rowan County School Board Who Put Salt in Our Wounds and Pepper in Our Spray


Oh Brother, Where Art Thou Reform? I Mean Re-Form?


Rose Goes On The Front Big Guy – The Script of Bull Durham Acted in the NC Legislature



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This teacher wants more than a reward from my governor. I want respect for all public school teachers.


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Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Aren’t Dead! They Live in Eden – An Open Letter to People Who Will Vote in Sen. Berger’s District