Have a Seat And Let Them Smell The Bulls##t

Sometimes you need to stop to smell the flowers.

Sometimes you need to sit down to force others to smell the bullshit.

Here’s an image from WNCN of some of the teachers last week who staged a “sit-in” on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh to bring attention to the governor’s lack of action on public education in North Carolina.

teacher sit in

These people asked to meet with the governor days before to speak about why legislation to protect public schools had not been enacted. We’re talking about lowering per-pupil expenditures, siphoning more money to charter schools and vouchers, lowering of textbook money – you name it.

The governor didn’t want to listen. So these people sat down. And it got people’s attention. And it is making them smell the bullshit emanating from private entities being allowed to take over the public sector.

Now fast-forward to today, June 22, 2016. Congress has just voted down a proposal to make it harder for people to buy guns.

160622115547-dems-sit-in-on-guns-overlay-tease (1)

CNN.com reported (http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/22/politics/john-lewis-sit-in-gun-violence/index.html),

“The sit-in follows the shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub earlier this month that killed 49 people — the deadliest incident of gun violence in American history. The shooting is renewing the debate over gun control legislation, which seems poised to go nowhere in Congress. The Senate blocked several gun measures Monday even as a CNN/ORC poll this week found that public support for changes such as tighter background checks hovers around 90%.

Ryan didn’t commit to holding a vote.”

90%! Wow! So why are the votes not there? Because of private entities who lobbying hard with money and influence. And it creates a smell. One of bullshit

Sit-ins historically have North Carolinian ties. Think of the famous Woolworth’s sit-in in Greensboro in 1960. That helped spark more sit-ins and “freedom rides” during the Civil Rights Movement.

And look what happened.

So, why not take a seat? If it helps more kids to a quality education and keeps guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them, then why not?