“Trumpiness” and Being Trump’s Spokesperson – Katrina Pierson

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post on the word “truthiness”, Stephen Colbert’s iconic word of the year in 2006 and Gov. McCrory’s wonderful ability to show the word in action in his latest campaign commercial. You can experience that post again for the first time here – https://caffeinatedrage.com/2016/08/13/the-truthiness-of-mccrorys-truth-commercial/.

I also deliberately said in that post,

“And while it may be a perfect word to associate with Donald Trump, that is not where the post will proceed. For Trump, it seems to be more of a mixture of confirmation bias, conspiracy theory, egoism, low self-esteem, and bullshit.

No, the word “truthiness” seems more appropriate to use when discussing Gov. Pat McCrory.”

And ironically my gut was right to not dress Trump with the word “truthiness” because as an erudite colleague of mine let me know, there is another word that Colbert has coined for Donald Trump. It is “Trumpiness” and it has its own definition especially suited for the Republican nominee.

The Week, a magazine that I greatly endorse for any news hounds out there, in a July 19, 2016 posting from Peter Weber on its website reported on Colbert’s new apropos word.

“Just to remind you, 11 years ago, I invented a word: truthiness,” Colbert said, with “Trademark Viacom @2005, All Rights Reserved” written in the “Word” box, where most of the jokes happen. “You see, truthiness is believing something that feels true, even if it isn’t supported by fact.” He said that he (the Colbert Report Colbert) and Trump have a lot in common, both being “over-the-top TV personalities who decided to run for president,” though Trump has surpassed him now. “Truthiness has to feel true, but Trumpiness doesn’t even have to do that,” he explained. “In fact, many Trump supporters don’t believe his wildest promises, and they don’t care.” He cited the border wall as an example.

“If he doesn’t ever have to mean what he says, that means he can say anything,” Colbert said. “Here’s the deal: Truthiness was from the gut, but Trumpiness clearly comes from much further down the gastrointestinal tract.” He wrapped up with a genuinely good summation of Trump’s base of support, a reminder of why his Colbert Report faux pundit persona was so effective: “And that is why I believe Donald Trump is a leader for our times: an emotional megaphone for voters full of rage at a government that achieves nothing, an economic system that leaves them behind, and politics that elects people unfit for the job. And if you don’t share their feeling that you don’t recognize your country anymore, trust me, if Trump wins, you will.” 

Here is that segment from Colbert. Just scroll down to the video link on the webpage – http://theweek.com/speedreads/636881/stephen-colbert-resurrects-colbert-report-word-segment-define-trumpiness.


But with claims that the election is rigged, that Russia will not go into Crimea, that if he loses Pennsylvania then it was cheating, that Hillary will be shot by second amendment warriors, that he saw the secret Iranian tape, that he got a letter from the NFL, etc., it is too easy to see how Trump fits the word.

I want to see someone else infected with “Trumpiness” so I present Katrina Pierson, Trump’s spokesperson.

Let me warn you, the following clips with Mrs. Pierson are rich with “Trumpiness” and it may be too much to digest all at once.

Or maybe not.

If baseless claims that could not even be remotely validated in Fantasyland were like carbohydrates, then I present to you the “Golden Corral of Trumpiness.”

Go ahead, fill that really large plate. In fact, you can go back as many times as possible.

You’re welcome.







You know, history will not be kind to Mrs. Pierson.

Unless, she says it will.