Musings With Malcolm #8 – Toy Store(y)

There is a place in Thruway Shopping Center on Stratford Road in Winston-Salem that is called Toys & Company.

And Malcolm loves it.

Heck, me too.

We have this ritual that if we go by Krispy Kreme on Stratford, then we go by the Toys & Company, but not to buy anything (but I do sometimes). But to play with stuff.

This place lets kids play with the toys. The people who work there too will play with the kids and its why I give them my business. Sometimes I see what Malcolm plays with and take a pic of it for present ideas.Someone comes later and gets it for him.

But there’s one things he loves more than anything in the store. Well, two.

Make that three. Playing with cars, trying to open construction equipment from their boxes, and mixing and matching figurines that would never go together in the minds of us mere mortals, but in Malcolm’s cosmos, they blend perfectly.

Want an example? I present pirate on flying unicorn.

See the colors? It’s like the unicorn is a perfect accessory to the pirate.  Or maybe, the pirate is the unicorn’s accessory. Imagine the status you would have at a party in mythological land and you brought Captain Jack Sparrow to the party. And he wanted to fly around with you!

There are the cars and many of them. Malcolm tends to take down many and create a garage of sorts under the play table. It’s like a garage. And sometimes he fits in there as well.


It’s a frickin’ garage down here! Actually, I think he falls asleep sometimes. Might be a sugar crash from Krispy Kreme. Either way it lets me clean up a little of the tornadic path he has woven through the store.

Dump trucks need love.


Holy crap! Pirate on unicorn!


Yep. He’s out.


And what everyone should have. Bunny on dinosaur!


The key here is to understand that Malcolm does not see things compartmentally. If they fit together in his mind, then it’s all good.

The folks at Toys & Company said he could stay and sleep it off. Anyone have a charge cord I could borrow?