Lion Man and Battle Yak – Malcolm’s Quest to Defeat Evil in the Toy Store And Why It Is So Important


It’s kind of our thing.

We go to the toy store, play with the toys, and see what Malcolm likes to play with for gift ideas.

You may think it is just to pass time. It’s not. It is rather deliberate. His mom and I need him working with things that he can manipulate, work mentally on, and create things with to keep him growing mentally, physically, emotionally, and most of all socially.

In a toy store, he is another kid who is not different because he has an extra chromosome, but because he likes to play. And I love to watch his imagination work, flow, gel, and create is a thing of beauty. He has something that a lot of us have thrown to the wayside – the ability to be in the moment.

First there is this huge T-Rex stuffed animal. I may be getting that for Laura. She rather likes a coelurosaurian theropod dinosaur with very short arms. In fact, if you see a statue of one on sale, let me know. We want one in the front yard just to have and maybe dress up for all of the major holidays.

The there was Space Alien Man!

Cool helmet.

And then he settled down into the aisle with figurines – he same aisle that produced the legendary pirate on unicorns from way back. They can still be found.

And then he finds it – LION MAN!

And who better than BATTLE YAK to carry LION MAN and begin to defeat the forces of evil!

And help to straighten up the tremendous traffic jam found near the miniature cars,

And help defeat the Skeletal Man who looks more like Keith Richards doing a guitar solo,

And save the Bridegroom from certain doom from a Pirate who simply crashed the wedding reception,

And keep Donald Trump from taking over the toy store?

Good Battle Yak. Good Battle Yak.

After a long day of saving endless situations from destroying the earth, Malcolm and I do the only thing deserving of monumental feats as Lion Man and Battle Yak have done.

Krispy Kreme Donuts.

It’s right across the street from the toy store. And we talk about the day as men do.