The Fragilepidermalitis of Donald Trump – A Diagnosis of Tweets

Fragliepidermalitis – the condition of having metaphorical “thin skin” coupled with a propensity to reacting violently when constructively criticized, deservingly lampooned, or adequately parodied; i.e. – can’t take a joke.

If you have not seen the latest parody of Donald Trump by Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live, it was rather hilarious. At least to me. If you have not seen it here is a link:

No too long afterwards, Trump tweeted the following:


That’s having thin skin. Not very presidential considering that Trump himself hosted the show last year with almost the same cast and writers. And if one wants to be president, then you have to take the satire along with it as well.

But there are other things that Trump suffers from and when coupled with the aforementioned malady, the effects are very disturbing.

Egoaffrontation – also called an “easily bruised ego,” this condition is characterized by taking everything said about you so personally that you must lash out against violaters through social media.

Hillary? Of course! Paul Ryan? Check. Anyone who has moderated a debate Trump was in? Check. Khan family? Check. Miss Universe? Check.


Symptoms of egoaffrontation include ripping into others through tweets in a derogatory nature. Extreme cases are usually identified by the late night / early morning postings of such outbursts.

Sansvertebrae – the condition of showing no backbone; sometimes referred to as “spineless.”

This was pretty much proven with this:

Women, disabled people, minorities, immigrants, Muslims, etc. The list goes on.

Medianoia –  the fear that the media is completely against you even though you go out of the way to disparage them.

Medianoia is closely associated with another pseudo-clinical term called,

Riggedomortis – a condition in which the sufferer claims that everything is working against him except his own lack of ability; also associated with people who make excuses to soften the blow that they were never really lost even though they had thier asses handed to them.

I submit Exhibit A.


That’s literally proof of two conditions in one tweet.

The latest assertion by Trump that Clinton should take a drug test when he himself has been acting rather “influenced” on the stage, otherwise known as “opiohobia” is for another post. However, it should be mentioned that someone already has beat him to that.