The Crudest Word in the English Language

If you are interviewed by James Lipton for Inside the Actors Studio you are asked a series of questions that all participants are given. One of them is “What is your least favorite word?”

The episode with Robin Williams is classic. And his answer this question is interesting.

Host: What’s your least favorite word?

Robin Williams: C**t. Least favorite word because it’s so negative. It’s the one word that’ll get me kicked out of the house. I once let it fly, it was like

[mimes door slam and makes noise]

Robin Williams: , okay, that was it, bye, bye-bye.

And I agree. In fact, it is to me the most vulgar word in the language.

Think of the cacophonous sound, the connotations, the absolute disdain that calling someone that name embodies. And then this occurs. I cannot think of a more demeaning word to call a woman.And it says more about the person who uses the word to refer to someone than the person who is the victim.

And then we get this.


Sid Miller is the Agricultural Commissioner for the state of Texas and an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump. And he is famous for tweeting many controversial comments.

At first, his office said that his Twitter account had been hacked. Then his office claimed that a staffer had “inadvertently” re-tweeted another person’s vulgar tweet.

There are many egregious offenses here that can not go unnoticed.

  1. Using such a vulgar word.
  2. Being a older man and using it.
  3. Being a state official and using it.
  4. Doing it in social media.
  5. Denying it.
  6. Blaming it on someone else.

and what might be the overlooked part of the whole situation, the non-apologetic apology.


Simply damage control.

I do not care if you are not a fan of Hillary Clinton. Apparently, there are many anti-Hillary people out there. However, no one deserves this verbal abuse.

To hide behind a twitter account and use social media as a bullying technique is cowardly and simply bullying.

But did you notice the Commissioner’s referencing of himself in the third person? The only other person/living thing that refers to himself in the third person is Elmo.

And even he’s mad about what Miller did.