Go See the Movie LOVING For More Than One Reason

In 1958 a white man named Richard Loving married a black woman named Mildred Jeter in Washington D.C. because their homestate of Virginia outlawed interracial marriage. When they went back to Virginia they were ultimately arrested and found guilty of miscegenation.

What followed in their lives became one of the greatest victories of the Civil Rights Movement. Literally 50 years ago, states could outlaw people of different races from marrying.

It’s maybe hard to fathom for younger people that this was the case, but both of my parents are old enough to remember when such laws were in effect.

The Loving case broke down barriers. It is a testament to what boundaries love can conquer.

On November 4th, the movie Loving will be released. I want you to go see it. And not just because it already has Oscar-buzz and it is directed by one of the more talented up-and-coming directors in the business.


I want you to go see it because Aunt Sherry (Sharon Blackwood on IMDB.com)is in it. My Aunt Sherry as in my mother’s younger sister who also grew up in the metropolis of Greensboro, GA.

She plays Lola Loving, the mother of Richard Loving, who is played by Joel Edgerton. My students will know Edgerton as Tom from The Great Gatsby. He was also in Zero Dark Thirty and Warrior.

If you visit the official site for the film, you can see the trailers. The one showing in NC actually has a snippet of a scene with my aunt in it.


While I have always been amazed at my aunt’s talent, she has never changed. She’s like a second mother to me. She reads all my blog posts. Calls frequently to see how we are doing. She came to my games in high school when I played int he Atlanta area. She even came to see McK in the hospital when she was born directly from a shoot still dressed in her costume. She’s been a loving, steady  presence in my life.

If you have seen Remember the Titans, then you have seen my Aunt Sherry.

If you have seen Sweet Home, Alabama, then you have seen my Aunt Sherry.

If you have watched all of the Office episodes, then you have seen my Aunt Sherry.

But if you see this movie, you will definitely remember my Aunt Sherry.

Go see some history.