Kurtis Blow and “Basketball” – Musings With Malcolm

Malcolm’s favorite sport is basketball. Hands down.

When Kurtis Blow came up with the great song “Basketball” he needed Malcolm for the video. Actually, you should watch the video.

Yes, we used to dance to that. We used to dress like that. But I didn’t play basketball like that, though.

Kid can dribble and he has probably about 10 basketballs to choose from.

No lie – there were times that he would wake up in the middle of the night, shut all the doors to the bedrooms, get his basketball, and dribble up and down the hallway for the sheer love of the game.

Space Jam is his favorite movie. He’s even got the jersey. He takes one of his little portable basketball goals, slides it into the living room, dons his jersey, and imitates all of the dunks he sees in the movie.

And it works those muscles. Creates coordination. Gets him moving. All of which are godsends.

And then there is the greatest gift he ever got from Grandpa Ed whom we lost this past February. Grandpa Ed bought him a real basketball goal with fiberglass backboard and adjustable height control. Then he took out the middle part so that the height could be adjusted from a range of four foot off the ground to seven feet off the ground.

Just right for the MalcolmMan.

Hours and days of enjoyment. Hours of movement, which for a child with Down Syndrome can be a life saver.

And over a period of time, he has developed his shot.

Take a look.


That shot has “follow-through.” That’s what he’s got – follow-through.

Wish we all had follow-through.

One time Malcolm got up in the middle of the night, ut on some socks and shoes and went downstairs, opened the garage and started playing basketball.

It was three in the morning. That’s commitment. When I see all of these athletes and coaches talking about dedication and willingness to get better, I see it every day with this kid.

For the love of the game. But I do wish he would let people sleep some.