Pat McCrory May Not Have Been a Social Studies Teacher, But He Is Teaching Us Much About Civics

Don’t forget that Pat McCrory studied to be a social studies teacher while enrolled at Catawba College. It adds to the irony of his current situation.

Maybe it was a good thing that he did not become a social studies teacher. In North Carolina, it might have meant that he would teach the required course of Civics. And if he was a student in his own class taking a test on the principles that he as governor is espousing, then he would have to fail himself.

Pat McCrory the teacher would have had to teach the students about concepts that Pat McCrory the governor is ignoring in his bid to disqualify the results of democratically decided election.

Whether or not you agree with the Common Core standards, it is in place right now in our public schools ( .One of the “Essential Standards” is FP.C&G.5 which states,

“Analyze how political and legal systems within and outside of the United States provide a means to balance competing interests and resolve conflicts.”

One of the “Clarifying Objectives” FP.C&G5.1 which states,

“Analyze the election process at the national, state and local levels in terms of the checks and balances provided by qualifications and procedures for voting (e.g., civic participation, public hearings, forums, at-large voting, petition, local initiatives, local referendums, voting amendments, types of elections, etc.).”

The word “voting” comes up three times in that objective. It specifically aligns to explain in how our government is meant to be structured with checks and balances and is a representative government that uses free elections.

If you have been paying any attention to the gubernatorial race in NC, you know that the desperation that is being shown by the McCrory administration to somehow “overthrow” the will of the people through a free election is nothing short of historic.

Simply look at the either or both of the following reports dealing with the governor’s backhanded attempts at rigging the election.

The irony grows really thick when you consider that McCrory seems to not even consider the fact that when the people of the future look back at the past events which are being constructed presently, they will see one of the most egregious slaps in the face of representative government.

While McCrory keeps trying to rewrite the recent past to change the fate of the present voter tally to secure a future in Raleigh, he is actually making the kind of history that the teacher McCrory may have become would use as an example for his students of political sabotage.

And if McCrory maintains his present course to alter the future, then we may see an uprising so historic that it may make the Moral Mondays we have seen so far in his term as governor seem small in comparison.

But whether McCrory carries on with this atrocity of democracy or concedes the election, he has certainly made history. Actually he has been making history for four years with historic actions like HB2 and the defense of a Voter ID law that harkens back to the times of Jim Crow.

It is said that history is written by the winners.

Ironically, the voters have already picked the winner.