Dear Fmr. Gov. McCrory, I Have an Idea for Your Next Job – Substitute Teaching

Donald Trump Campaigns In Key States During Weekend Ahead Of General Presidential Election

Dear Former Gov. McCrory,

I read without surprise in the past couple of months that you have had a little more than a hard time obtaining gainful, full-time employment since your last day as governor of our state.

No doubt many potential employers in North Carolina are hesitant because of your role in passing and defending the controversial “bathroom law” otherwise known as HB2.

Even you have made such an admission. For instance, there was the News & Observer report on March 13 by Colin Campbell entitled “McCrory, working as consultant, says HB2 makes some employers ‘reluctant to hire me’” (

It begins,

Former Gov. Pat McCrory says the backlash against House Bill 2 is making some employers reluctant to hire him but he’s currently doing consulting and advisory board work.

McCrory has been appearing frequently in interviews with national media outlets to defend the controversial LGBT law, but he hasn’t announced what’s next for his career. In a podcast interview recently with WORLD, an Asheville-based evangelical Christian news website, McCrory talked about his challenges on the job market.

The former Republican governor says HB2 “has impacted me to this day, even after I left office. People are reluctant to hire me, because, ‘oh my gosh, he’s a bigot’ – which is the last thing I am.”

Well, there will be many who will always judge you by that one ill-fated bill. And you did have every opportunity to veto it and not sign it into law. But you did and you did a rather bad job of defending it to the rest of the country and even the world.

There is a reason that over 20,000 voters who voted for Donald Trump in North Carolina did not vote for you. Well, maybe there’s more than one reason. History will tell.

But as far as being unemployable beyond the “consulting” realm is concerned? I think I have a solution.

Substitute teaching.

I know. It sounds a little “out there.” But you might actually be ready for it. Think about it and imagine…

  • Imagine being able to teach fill in for a math teacher and using math to see how one candidate gets more votes than another candidate.
  • Imagine being able to teach a civics class and talking about how democracy works when the candidate who gets more votes actually wins the election.
  • Imagine then being able to go to a social studies class and could talk about how that doesn’t always work when we have an Electoral College that allows a man who loses the popular vote by nearly three million votes can still become president.
  • Imagine being able to teach an English class that is reading your favorite book (Orwell’s 1984) and being able to actually refer to passages from a dystopic novel that seem eerily true 100 days into this current presidency.
  • Imagine being able to talk about the effects of coal ash residue into clean drinking water during a science class.
  • Imagine instructing students in a speech and debate electives class about the need to verify “pseudo-facts” before proceeding with unfounded claims of voter fraud.
  • Imagine being able to help a physics class be able to see how much hot air it really takes to make a giant balloon float above reality.
  • Imagine being able to help an economics class calculate the effects of a law like HB2 on the economy of a state like North Carolina. Wait, already been done.
  • You could even imagine being able to perform hall duty near a bathroom and be bold enough to ask everyone who goes into the facility for his/her birth certificate.

But maybe the primary reason for this possible venture is to see the real effects that our state government has had on public education and the students who attend those schools – effects that either you allowed and/or even abetted.

  1. HB2 – Bathroom Bill
  2. Medicaid Expansion Denied
  3. Teacher Pay still at the bottom tier in the nation
  4. Removal of due-process rights for new teachers
  5. Graduate Degree Pay Bumps Removed for new teachers
  6. Bad Teacher Evaluation Systems
  7. Push for Merit Pay
  8. “Average” Raises and neglecting veteran teachers
  9. Central Office Allotment Cuts
  10. Attacks on Teacher Advocacy Groups (NCAE)
  11. Revolving Door of Standardized Tests
  12. Less Money Spent per Pupil in Traditional Public Schools
  13. Remove Caps on Class Sizes
  14. Jeb Bush School Grading System
  15. Opportunity Grants Expansion
  16. Allowing Private and Religious Schools To Profit From Tax Payer Money
  17. Charter School Growth Without Regulation
  18. Virtual Schools Deregulation
  19. Achievement School Districts
  20. Reduction of Teacher Candidates in Colleges
  21. Elimination of Teaching Fellows Program
  22. Attacks on Teacher Assistants
  23. Elimination of State Employees Rights to File Discrimination Suits in State Courts
  24. Dan Forest’s request to have Charter School Report to be Rewritten
  25. House Bill 539 – Giving Charters Money For Services They Do Not Provide
  26. Chad Barefoot’s Appt. to Senate Education Committee Chair
  27. Teach For America Expansion Plans
  28. SB 873 – Access To Affordable College Education Act
  29. Arresting of Teachers Who Protested and Saying They Were At Fault
  30. Appointing People Who Are Not Qualified to the SBOE
  31. Special Sessions of the General Assembly

It also might give you the incredible opportunity to maybe actually become that which you always claimed you were – a public servant.

Maybe after your tenure as a substitute teacher, you could then become a true advocate for public schools. Maybe start focusing on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system. Considering the possible effects of HB13, HB800, and HB514, your hometown is literally becoming a breeding ground for “reformist” agendas that seek to reinstitute segregation.

But then again, I am only making a suggestion.


The Shriveled-Up Sour Grapes of Pat McCrory

Gov. Pat McCrory’s legacy was just sealed with his signing of the bill called House Bill 17 into law.


It literally strips a lot of power from his successor, Democrat Roy Cooper.

  • This from a man who only vetoed his own General Assembly five times in his only term.
  • This from a man who defended HB2 as common sense after signing it into law minutes after it was passed in a special session of the NCGA.
  • This from a man who when he did challenge his own party it was over it trying to take power away from the governor’s office on a smaller scale than he is allowing now.
  • This from a man who challenged the voters in over 50 counties because he could not believe that he actually lost an election in a year that Trump carried North Carolina.

And earlier today he called another special session for December 21st for the “repeal” of HB2.

McCrory’s office, always in its emasculated political voice, issued this statement just hours before signing HB17.

“Governor McCrory has always publicly advocated a repeal of the overreaching Charlotte ordinance. But those efforts were always blocked by Jennifer Roberts, Roy Cooper and other Democratic activists,” said McCrory spokesman Graham Wilson. “This sudden reversal with little notice after the gubernatorial election sadly proves this entire issue originated by the political left was all about politics and winning the governor’s race at the expense of Charlotte and our entire state. As promised, Governor McCrory will call a special session.”

Such a statement marks a remarkable turnaround from the explanation for HB2 given during the Chuck Todd interview on Meet the Press last March.

And remember the “Common Sense” ad from the campaign? Here it is – So he will call a special session to repeal a law that was to protect our children statewide from an ordinance that was passed in one city against the discrimination of the LGBT community?

I guess?

Amber Phillips’s Dec. 19th column “North Carolina’s outgoing GOP governor just stuck it to his Democratic successor” for The Washington Post’s political blog The Fix does a great job of showing how both the calling of a special session to repeal HB2 and the signing of the HB17 bill may have one common denominator – to throw mud at Roy Cooper ( .

“So, are the two related — Cooper’s loud proclamation the bathroom bill would be repealed, and McCrory’s decision to sign legislation to limit Cooper’s power? It’s unclear.

But until Monday evening, it wasn’t even clear whether McCrory would sign this last-minute bill that limits his successor’s power.

He kept his head down last week while his party in the state legislature rushed through two bills aimed at reducing the governor’s influence in state government, the judicial branch, the education system and elections oversight, all while strengthening the GOP-dominated legislature’s influence in all those areas. In McCrory’s statement, he pushed back against some proposals to limit the governor’s power even further, like by moving major departments out of the governor’s authority and court-packing the state Supreme Court.

But he wasn’t opposed to it all. On Friday, McCrory signed legislation that would effectively give Republicans control of the state Board of Elections during election years. (The bill also contained a provision approving his chief of staff’s wife to the Industrial Commission.)

McCrory said nothing on the other, more controversial proposal until he announced Monday he decided to sign it, releasing one statement publicly — and sending another, unspoken message to his successor.”

They are related. To those outside of North Carolina, the idea that Charlotte and/or Roy Cooper is responsible for all of this is ludicrous, but to the McCrory camp it is a comforting slippery slope that rivals any Direct TV commercial from their ad campaign from a couple of years ago.

  1. Charlotte passes a local ordinance that extends protections to the LGBT community in the city limits of Charlotte.
  2. The North Carolina General Assembly calls a special session and passes HB2 which also takes away rights for people to sue in state court for wrongful termination and also prohibits local municipalities from establishing their own minimum wages. Of course those last two provisions are directly related to bathrooms.
  3. North Carolina loses face in the country and the world for the HB2 law and companies, entertainment, and sporting venues boycott, hurting us economically.
  4. Roy Cooper as Attorney General says HB2 should not be defended because as legal counsel it cannot be in court. That’s what good lawyers do.
  5. Pat McCrory runs on a platform that embraces HB2.
  6. Pat McCrory becomes the first sitting governor to not win reelection. Over 60,000 voters who chose Donald Trump did not vote for Pat McCrory, presumably over HB2.
  7. Under the auspices of helping victims of Hurricane Matthew and the wildfires in the mountains, the General Assembly calls another special session to remove power from incoming governor Roy Cooper through HB17.
  8. Pat McCrory signs bill and blames Cooper for HB2.

It defies logic. It defies reason, but it sounds like a sore loser who blames others for his misfortune. And now Roy Cooper has something that McCrory does not have anymore because McCrory did not do a good job.

Actually, those are sour grapes.

Shrivelled up sour grapes.

A pair of them.

Dried up.

Into raisins.

You know where.


Every North Carolina Lawmaker Should Read The Recent Research From Stanford University About Public Investment in Schools. I Hear Stanford’s a Decent School.

Public education is a sacred trust of the citizenry, not an open market for capitalistic ventures. If one wants to make the argument that states like North Carolina are free to allow for competition within its public school system, then that person would need to explain how that complies with the state constitution which explicitly says that all students are entitled to a good quality education funded by the state.

An adequately, fully funded public school system actually is a foundational cornerstone for a democracy in which participants are represented by those elected to defend the very state constitution they are sworn to uphold. In many cases, those representatives were products of the very public schools that are part of the North Carolina public school system.

But many of our lawmakers have mistaken defending public schools with playing partisan politics.

  • The outgoing governor, Pat McCrory, is a graduate of Ragsdale High School but has never challenged any privatization effort on behalf of traditional public schools.
  • The Speaker of the House, Rep. Tim Moore, graduated from Kings Mountain High School and he helped expand the Opportunity Grant voucher system in North Carolina.
  • Gov. Dan Forest attended East Mecklenburg High School and as a sitting member of the state school board has demanded that DPI redo a report because it did not make charter schools sound positive enough.
  • Rob Bryan graduated from Sanderson High School in Raleigh and he literally strong armed a version system called the Achievement School District that has never succeeded anywhere else and Sen. Chad Barefoot, who graduated from East Davidson High School, let him do it as the head of a powerful committee.
  • Jerry Tillman was a principal for Southwestern Randolph County High School and he might be the champion of charter school deregulation.
  • Jason Saine graduated from Lincolnton High School and now literally champions charter schools in his home county and is helping not only the application process of one but gets campaign contributions from a national chain of charter schools.

It is to these lawmakers and other “re-form” minded individuals that the recent set of studies out of Stanford University should be directed.

The Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE) just released “Privatization or Public Investment in Education?” If you are nerdy enough, then you can go here –

But here is part of the brief report from Dr. Frank Adamson, the Senior Policy and Research Analyst:

“The data suggest that the education sector is better served by a public investment approach that supports each and every child than by a market-based, competition approach that creates winners…and losers. While competition might work in sports leagues, countries should not create education systems in which children lose in the classroom. This report explains how and why some children can lose in a privatized system and makes recommendations to ensure that all children receive equitable, high-quality educational opportunities” (

And while many in the NC General Assembly have claimed that charter schools are “public schools” make sure to see how the funds are dispersed and make sure to see who is actually in control and make sure how admissions processes are administered. Then take a look at the academics and the impact the schools have on the traditional public schools, especially in rural areas like Lincoln County where Rep. Saine operates.

Further in Dr. Adamson’s brief, he makes sure to define what the “Key Features of Education Privatization” are.

“Privatization in education occurs when countries shift towards a “subsidiary state” model that primarily outsources social sector management to private firms. The government only provides services when no suitable private alternative exists. Because public education serves all children, complete privatization of education is difficult to achieve. Nevertheless, mechanisms such as vouchers, charters, and markets allow for private firms to compete in the education market, under the argument that increased competition will provide consumers (students and families) with a greater choice, thus increasing quality. However, in practice, public education contains different constraints than business markets, most notably the obligation of providing every child with a high-quality education. Therefore, as the results in this brief show, privatizing education has accompanied lower and/or more disparate student performance, likely because markets operate with different principles than the requirements of public sectors.”

It’s almost as if it was written in response to North Carolina.

North Carolina, We Made The Top 25 False Beliefs, Urban Myths, and Debunked Claims List!

  1. The world is flat.
  2. The Earth is the center of the universe.
  3. She turned me into a newt.
  4. Deoxygenated blood is blue.
  5. Gum takes seven years to digest.
  6. Bulls go mad at the sight of red.
  7. Water flows down toilets in a different direction in South America.
  8. Don’t swim for an hour after eating.
  9. Eating raw cookie dough gives you worms.
  10. Left-handed people are of the devil.
  11. Alchemy.
  12. The Four Humours.
  13. The Earth is only 4-5 thousand years old.
  14. Humans use only 10% of their brains.
  15. You should piss on a jellyfish sting to relieve pain.
  16. Twinkies have a shelf life of 15 years.
  17. Tupac is alive.
  18. The devil tempts teenagers when records are played backwards.
  19. Red headed people have no souls.
  20. Conversion Therapy.
  21. Obama is a Muslim.
  22. Walt Disney was cryogenically frozen.
  23. There are large gators in our sewers.
  24. Someone else wrote Shakespeare’s plays.
  25. Gov. Pat McCrory’s claims that there is rampant voter fraud that caused him to lose the 2016 gubernatorial election.

Shakespeare and the Carolina Coup

Some of Shakespeare’s most famous phrases best explain the soap opera that Pat McCrory’s campaign has cast our state in with this desperate attempt to salvage the election.

“Seen better days” – As You Like It II, vii

Remember when democracy worked in such a way that the person with the most votes won? Rather ironic when it comes to the North Carolina gubernatorial race because the person with the fewer votes seems to be acting as if he was supposed to have gotten the most votes.

“Budge an inch” – The Taming of the Shrew, Induction, i

At every instance of McCrory protesting votes and spilling propaganda, Roy Cooper’s lead has not even budged one inch. In fact, it has grown.

“Pomp and circumstance” – Othello, III,iii

All of the motions and legal actions taken by McCrory’s campaign have simply been pomp and circumstance. But nothing defines this grand illusion more than the Civitas Institutes lawsuit over same-day registration. Interesting how the word “civitas” means a “body of citizens” because our body of citizens has already elected Roy Cooper.

“Method in the madness” – Hamlet, II, ii

Simply put, McCrory wants to hijack the election through a political coup through a maddening exhibit of baseless claims.

“Neither rhyme nor reason” – The Comedy of Errors, II, ii

McCrory’s assertions of a rigged election that actually out people like Trump in national office and Dan Forest back as Lt. Governor make no sense other than that the people in NC see a better option for governor in Roy Cooper’.

“It smells to heaven” – Hamlet, III, iii

Bullshit does that.

“Wild goose chase” – Romeo & Juliet, II, iv

McCrory’s campaign has been on a wild goose chase since the night of the election. The problem is that McCrory’s goose has already been gotten.

“Forgone conclusion” – Othello, III, iii

That’s right. Cooper won.

“A sorry sight” – Macbeth, II, ii

It is a sorry sight that McCrory has not already conceded the election. But when you are too busy on a wild goose chase that defies rhyme and reason for the sake of pomp and circumstance and smells to heaven, then it is hard to see how sorry of a sight this is.

“The be-all and the end-all” – Macbeth, I, vii

Isn’t that what voting brings? The end-all and be-all?

“Good riddance” – Troilus and Cressida, II, xvii

When sanity sets back in and Cooper is declared governor then I will say “Good riddance.”


Pat McCrory May Not Have Been a Social Studies Teacher, But He Is Teaching Us Much About Civics

Don’t forget that Pat McCrory studied to be a social studies teacher while enrolled at Catawba College. It adds to the irony of his current situation.

Maybe it was a good thing that he did not become a social studies teacher. In North Carolina, it might have meant that he would teach the required course of Civics. And if he was a student in his own class taking a test on the principles that he as governor is espousing, then he would have to fail himself.

Pat McCrory the teacher would have had to teach the students about concepts that Pat McCrory the governor is ignoring in his bid to disqualify the results of democratically decided election.

Whether or not you agree with the Common Core standards, it is in place right now in our public schools ( .One of the “Essential Standards” is FP.C&G.5 which states,

“Analyze how political and legal systems within and outside of the United States provide a means to balance competing interests and resolve conflicts.”

One of the “Clarifying Objectives” FP.C&G5.1 which states,

“Analyze the election process at the national, state and local levels in terms of the checks and balances provided by qualifications and procedures for voting (e.g., civic participation, public hearings, forums, at-large voting, petition, local initiatives, local referendums, voting amendments, types of elections, etc.).”

The word “voting” comes up three times in that objective. It specifically aligns to explain in how our government is meant to be structured with checks and balances and is a representative government that uses free elections.

If you have been paying any attention to the gubernatorial race in NC, you know that the desperation that is being shown by the McCrory administration to somehow “overthrow” the will of the people through a free election is nothing short of historic.

Simply look at the either or both of the following reports dealing with the governor’s backhanded attempts at rigging the election.

The irony grows really thick when you consider that McCrory seems to not even consider the fact that when the people of the future look back at the past events which are being constructed presently, they will see one of the most egregious slaps in the face of representative government.

While McCrory keeps trying to rewrite the recent past to change the fate of the present voter tally to secure a future in Raleigh, he is actually making the kind of history that the teacher McCrory may have become would use as an example for his students of political sabotage.

And if McCrory maintains his present course to alter the future, then we may see an uprising so historic that it may make the Moral Mondays we have seen so far in his term as governor seem small in comparison.

But whether McCrory carries on with this atrocity of democracy or concedes the election, he has certainly made history. Actually he has been making history for four years with historic actions like HB2 and the defense of a Voter ID law that harkens back to the times of Jim Crow.

It is said that history is written by the winners.

Ironically, the voters have already picked the winner.

“Desperado” – ReWritten for Pat McCrory

For you Eagles fans.

And the words fit.



Desperado, why don’t you come to your senses?
No more lawyer expenses should be spent right now
Oh, you’re a dense one
I know that you got to be sweatin
The lack of votes you’ve been getting now
Will undo you somehow

Don’t you protest in every county, Pat
You know that you’ve been beaten,
You know that to concede is your best bet

Now it seems to me, more votes went
To Cooper in the ballots
But you only want to count the ones for you  

Desperado, oh, the margins ain’t any slimmer
Stop the protests and the glitter, just go on home
To Charlotte, oh maybe not, just remember House Bill 2
Your prison is the fact that you didn’t stand on your own

Didn’t your feet get cold during those veto times?
When you could have protected yours and mine
It was hard to be an Old Stater many days
Even when Trump and the GOP majority won
Ain’t it funny how your being voted away?

Desperado, why don’t you come to your senses?
You have no defenses, just accept your fate
Damn right it’s rainin’, but there’s a rainbow above you
You better let somebody tell you (let somebody tell you)
Let somebody tell you that you won’t govern this state.


Elsa’s Disney Song For Pat McCrory – “Let It Go”


“Let It Go”

The super moon hangs on the sky tonight
Waiting for the election recount
But the final results seem like
Cooper’s lead you won’t surmount.

That bathroom bill is nothing but a thorn in our side.
But you just defend it, pushing Carolina aside.

Avoiding questions, you just didn’t see
How HB2 hurt economically
Concede, we plead, because we know
And, now you know!

Let it go. Let it go.
Don’t defend bad laws anymore.
Let it go. Let it go.
Turn away and shut the door.

You didn’t care
What others had to say
Election night showed you
You won’t our governor anyway!

It’s funny the Carolina Comeback
Actually was very small
And those fears that controlled you
Never helped us at all!

Now you know what you must do
Just come to terms, accept the facts
Now it’s done, Roy Cooper has won. Now leave!

Let it go. Let it go.
We are the ones who get to decide.
Let it go. Let it go.
Put those stupid challenges aside

Cause there you stand
You’ve been voted out.
Let this state get on!

Your plans almost drove our state into the ground
The state’s been spiraling out of control all around
No longer will you be the GOP’s pawn
You’re not going back,
Because your term is almost gone!

Let it go, let it go
So we can rise like the break of dawn
Let it go, let it go
We just need you gone!

Here we stand
In the light of day
You can try to carry on, but
You never really governed anyway!

You can follow along here and plug in the words. They should fit.

Why Pat McCrory Has Already “Lost” This Election

If the current numbers pan out, Pat McCrory will be a one-term governor. But more glaringly apparent is that his defeat came in a year of another GOP wave of victory in the nation.

If the numbers are correct, over 60,000 people in North Carolina who voted for Donald Trump as POTUS DID NOT CAST A VOTE for Pat McCrory.

Currently, Roy Cooper is approximately five thousand votes ahead before canvasing and provisionary vote counts establish a clear winner. Even if by a stroke of demonic luck the results are overturned, Pat McCrory has already been dealt a stunning blow to his credibility.

To not be reelected as a republican governor in a state that sided with Trump and Burr with relative ease is stunning, but McCrory’s reelection bid was actually doomed way before the fiasco of HB2 ever started.

McCrory actually began to get unelected from day one of his administration as he became a rubber stamp for the GOP majority. The former moderate republican mayor of Charlotte who was elected to four terms by the Queen City morphed overnight into a cheerleader for ultra-conservative movements and eventually a scapegoat for policies established by leaders from rural counties.

Simply put, Pat McCrory alienated people. He was a metaphorical parent who did not love each child best.

That, and he lacked the ability to communicate effectively. In fact, he lacked the ability to unite while taking a back seat and allowing others to further drive our populace apart.

Look at the miniscule number of vetoes that he issued in his term. Even as a means of stalling legislation to give an opportunity for clarity and debate, McCrory rushed to agreement on policies that he as a mayor of Charlotte would have never championed. That alone shows a lack of strength, a lack of standing up for people, a lack of standing up to others.

Look at his compliance with the Voter ID law. The entire country was witness to its reversal as it was described as one of the most alienating pieces of legislature by the court system. That alienated poor rural voters, especially African-Americans.

Look at his bragging about a “Carolina Comeback” when almost a quarter of our public school students still live in poverty. That alienates those who really needed a comeback.

Look at his appointment of Margaret Spellings as president of the UNC system. That alienated younger students who will be leaders of tomorrow’s citizenry.

Look at his treatment of teachers and traditional public schools. Using electioneering tactics to tout his “pro-education” agenda, McCrory in truth alienated public school teachers and staff, parents of students in underfunded schools, and advocates for the public school system because he was not helping to curb the privatization movement.

Look at his giving cookies to protesters as a passive aggressive means of not acknowledging grievances against state actions. That alienated those who were peacefully looking for ways to create discourse and debate.

And now look at his inability to talk to his own hometown about toll roads and holding special sessions to overturn local ordinances.

And in a last stroke of self-defeating genius, McCrory alienated those who simply asked for an explanation.

Look at all of the times he skirted questions from the media about HB2. Look at all of the times that he had a “town-hall” meeting only to field softball questions pre-prepared to be non-confrontational. House Bill 2 is egregious. It is discriminatory. It is indefensible. It is unenforceable. And he did not confront his own lack of an explanation.

Look at all of the times that he went to Charlotte to explain why he defends HB2. Actually, there were no times.

In truth, McCrory showed no spine. No backbone. No foundation. And without a spine, one becomes floppy and easily managed.

Below is a map of the y counties voted in the 2016 gubernatorial race.


Now look at a map where all of the UNC campuses reside.


The only university campus that is not in a blue county is UNC-Pembroke, which was surrounded by three blue counties.

For a governor who has claimed to make it easier for students to go to college, this information is an indictment of sorts. The very people McCrory has claimed to help, he really didn’t. And on top of that, he never really communicated with them. He didn’t acknowledge them.

If anything is to be learned by Pat McCrory from Nov. 8th’s results it is that actions speak, but lack of action speaks loudly.

And silence screams.

That’s why McCrory is losing this election.

The 160 Mile Radius of HB2

160 miles.

Two and ½ hours in a car on the highway if you are barely breaking the speed limit on an interstate.

160 miles is also the radius for the strongest aftershocks for the GOP earthquake called HB2 whose epicenter lies beneath West Jones Street in Raleigh.

This past Friday the newspaper in Roanoke, VA, The Roanoke Times, wrote on their editorial page under the title “Our view: Ballot selfies and other election thoughts” the following:

“Which candidate would do the most to help our local economy? That’s easy. It’s Pat McCrory, the Republican governor of North Carolina, who’s seeking his second four-year term in the November election. We can point to specific and multiple ways he has helped the economy — our economy. North Carolina panicked and made a spectacle of itself by passing HB2, its so-called “bathroom bill.” In response, various companies and even sports leagues pulled events from the state. Three of those have wound up in Salem — the NCAA Division III men’s and women’s soccer championships, as well as the Division II Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association football championship. That’s money in the bank for us.

McCrory has given Virginia a competitive advantage in economic development, as well. When the University Economic Development Association recently held its national conference in Roanoke, the keynote speaker highlighted a North Carolina program to encourage partnerships between colleges and companies, as a way help recruit technology companies interested in research and development. The speaker hailed it as a model for other states to follow as they try to build a “knowledge economy.” Then the speaker noted that McCrory had cancelled it. The pro-business audience groaned.

On Monday, a data company picked Richmond as the site for a new office, with 730 jobs. Industry officials said it beat out Charlotte specifically because of HB2.

Feel free to argue all you want which presidential candidate would be best, but it’s clear that Virginia would be best served if North Carolina re-elected McCrory” (

It was not really that satirical. It seems very sincere in some ways.

But, “Wow!”

To be endorsed because of how bad your policies are in your home state and that you are driving jobs and economic development into another state might be one of the strongest remarks ever delivered concerning HB2.

Roanoke is about 160 miles from Raleigh.

Then there was that time this past month when Gov. McCrory’s hometown newspaper The Charlotte Observer openly explained why it was not endorsing the governor for the first time in over 25 years ( It begins,

“The Charlotte Observer’s editorial board has endorsed Republican Pat McCrory in every one of his bids for office since 1991. That includes twice for City Council, seven times for mayor and twice for governor. That streak comes to an end today.

McCrory’s term as North Carolina governor is the ultimate illustration of the Peter Principle: that people are promoted based on their past performance and not the abilities needed for the new role and thus rise to the level of their incompetence. McCrory has certainly done that.”

It is a stinging piece of truth from the town that was first targeted by the “bathroom bill.”

Charlotte is about 160 miles from Raleigh.

Then there was the News & Observer on October 17th which ran full page news ad for a group called the Writers for a Progressive North Carolina who proved the McCrory that on your 60th birthday, you could have your cake and eat it too.

Facebook Cover Photo and Profile Picture Template

The News & Observer is about a 160 second drive from West Jones Street in Raleigh.

The 160 mile radius that surrounds the governor’s mansion engulfs a wide swath of the state. To feel strong aftershocks in places like Roanoke and Charlotte, there’s no telling what the people within 160 miles of Raleigh are feeling. Places like:

  • Greensboro and the rest of the Triad area.
  • Chapel Hill and Durham and the rest of the Triangle area.
  • A Large part of the Charlotte area.
  • Places affected by Hurricane Matthew.
  • Places affected by Duke Energy coal spills.
  • Places affected by bad education policies.
  • A Large part of the border with Virginia.

And to think that this area within the 160 mile radius has the largest amount of voters in the state.

Imagine the aftershock on November 8th.