“Breaking Good” – Cookin’ Love and Frying Turkeys


Propane Tank. Check
Peanut Oil. Check
Kitty Litter. Check
Balding Head. Check
Out of Control Facial Hair. Check
Purpose. Check
Am a Teacher. Check


That’s right. It’s our annual episode of Breaking Good when I fry a turkey with love and thankfulness for those I share life with.

This has become a tradition of sorts. You know, the frying of a turkey that seems to have addictive powers over those who consume it eventually causing a letdown that requires a trip to a nearby sofa to “sleep things off” while a pro football game screams in the background.

It’s the preparation that really makes the product such high quality.

Inject the turkey and rub it right. Heat the oil with propane and a hissing flame from the burner. And a thermometer to make sure it’s the right temp.

Then there is the matter of timing, weight and minutes per pound algorithms that help to guide a guy like me with balding head, teaching certificate, facial hair, and a sometimes snarky sense of humor to cooking the greatest of birds.

And think, after binge eating on bird, you can then binge watch shows like Breaking Bad.

And for those politicians in Raleigh, Walter had to take that extra job. Teachers really don’t make that much.

You’re welcome for the great smells drifting your way.

Gobble Gobble.