The Top Ten Posts Of 2016 – Read Again For the First Time Or Ignore Once More


Only in order of when they were posted, these were chosen not due to the number of views or comments, but by their subject matter and its relevance to what may be of importance in the next year.


And thanks for reading.

  1. Open Letter to Catherine Truitt, senior advisor on education to Gov. Pat McCrory concerning her op-ed on March 25th on
  2. A Pot to Piss in – Open Letter to Rep. Tim Moore and Lt. Gov. Dan Forest
  3. Legivangelists and Others who Praise the Lard
  4. North Carolina’s Playbook to Dismantle Public Education
  5. When a “Zero” Becomes a “50” And Other Miracles in Numbers – Or, How No Glass is Half-Empty
  6. Open Letter to Gov. McCrory and the NCGA Concerning Bonus Pay for Teachers
  7. The Ignoramasaurus Rex – How Gov. McCrory’s Claim on Average Teacher Pay is Not Really Real

  8. Open Letter to Sen. Jim Davis Concerning Misleading Claims
  9. Automatic For The People -An R.E.M. Mixtape For The Next Administration
  10. Open Letter to Sen. Richard Burr – Do Not Confirm Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education