DaddyStu and MalcolmSon – When Your Kid Calls You By Your First Name

Not everyone gets to have a moniker that pretty much states that he is the “daddy” of something.

There’s Puff Daddy.


Trick Daddy.


Daddy Yankee.


That Dad Rapper on You Tube


Mac Daddy and Daddy Mack who make you wanta jump, jump!


Big Daddy Kane.


And then there’s DaddyStu.


Doesn’t get any more original than that. And how it was earned makes it even better and more prestigious.

If your child recognizes that a simple “Dad” or a “Daddy” or a “DADDY!” does not get your attention, then maybe calling you what others call you just might. In this case, it is a shortened version of my given name – Stu.

But what makes it even more special is that it has the title attached to it as only someone like Malcolm can.

Makes it personal. Makes it loving. Makes me mindful that I have to listen because I do not always listen. And I need to always listen.

Many children with Down Syndrome have a hard time verbalizing what they want to communicate. Part of that is because of the developmental delays. Part of it might be because of hypotonia, or lack of muscle tone, and muscles control your ability to alter your vocal chords.

It is not uncommon for many children with Down Syndrome to learn sign language before they can verbalize as a means to communicate. Malcolm still uses some signs. And there are some signs that he uses that he just simply made his own. “Malcolm slang.”

It works.

When your kid operates with fewer social filters, he gets straight to the point. When he needs your attention, he lets you know. When he needs you, he calls you by your name. My “Malcolm name” just happens to be rather cool.

This kid is the spitting image of his stunning-looking mother. The hair, the eyes, the smile – all from her.

But he knows who his daddy is. And I know when he needs my attention he will let me know.