He’s Home – Finneas Luther Logan “Finn”

He’s here at home with is new family and the cats are a little on edge.

And he’s big.

The great people at Carolina Great Pyrenees Rescue (http://carolinapyrrescue.com/) deemed him ready to go to a new permanent home. Finn’s last heartworm treatment is in the past and while he is still rather underweight for a pyr, he is an instant presence.

Bellowing barks from the belly? Check.

Flowing white mane like a small woolly lion? Check.

Guttural sounds that erupt from within? Check.

Deep brown eyes that scream, “Hey, are you gonna eat that?” Check.

He travels really well in the van and he likes being around his family already.

And I am amazed at how he is with Malcolm. He does not aggressively seek his attention, but lets Malcolm know that  he is there. Malcolm even has started calling him by his new name “Finn” and engages him. He even let Finn watch his iPAd with him.

Malcolm doesn’t let us watch his iPad with him sometimes.

So here are some pics.