What State Superintendent Mark Johnson Said About…

… the North Carolina Senate proposing to cut the operating budget of the Department of Public Instruction by 25 percent.




…the fact that the state Senate’s budget proposal actually lowers the amount of money spent per pupil in the state.





… the fact that state GOP senators took monies from educational initiaives in rural districts that voted in democrats to the general assembly.





… the fact that the state Senate is defunding Governor’s School.




The only thing I have heard from Mark Johnson is his message to teachers in a prepared video during Teacher Appreciation Week.


When the leader of the public school system in the entire state does not speak out on the very actions that are jeopardizing that system, then that lack of words screams complicity and a lack of willingness to stand up for public schools.

And for a person who entered elected office with word “urgency” flowing from his lips, it would seem that the state superintendent would be the first to speak out on what happened in the General Assembly this week.



One thought on “What State Superintendent Mark Johnson Said About…

  1. Forgive me for being blunt, and perhaps less charitable than I might be. What vapid, gratuitous chaff. In a word: Bullshit. Do something substantive. Now. Do something to push back against a regime wholly hostile to the sacred trust that has been public education.


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