A Year Ago in Titan History – Another 111 Miles Dominated

This Sunday will be the baccalaureate service for seniors at West Forsyth, and I am honored to share in that celebration for many reasons.

One is because West is graduating another stellar group of young people. Another is because it is a time for positive reflection on accomplishments done.

But I would be remiss if it did not remind me of last year’s West Forsyth’s Lady Titan Softball Team who like this year’s Ladies Soccer Team also traveled 111 miles to Raleigh to bring home a trophy for our school.

It is not ironic that the softball team had to “weather the weather”, so to speak, as the soccer team had to. Ask anyone who was present for the first game of the series and had to endure the rain and the elements to see if we could sweep that day. They understood just a little of the anxiety that accompanied the wait those ladies gracefully weathered. They had to travel back home in most cases because the state commission cancelled the game and rescheduled for Sunday, the day of last year’s baccalaureate.

So, that senior-laden team went another 111 miles and won the state championship on a Sunday afternoon. The seniors who had wanted to go to baccalaureate had to miss service. They were too busy representing the school elsewhere.

Besides, God was present there in Raleigh as well.

And like that soccer team that won this year, that group of ladies on last year’s softball team were family. They had lost games, won games, improved, handled setbacks, practiced, attended classes, and in many cases grown up together – for years. Plus they were led by great coaching.

And the crowd that traveled the 111 miles on both days would have kept traveling because that’s what family does for each other.

Many of those ladies who graduated from last year’s softball team were the first to congratulate this year’s soccer team and boys track team for state championships.