Dear NCGA, We Have Great Teacher Programs in Our Colleges and Universities

Senate Bill 599, misnamed the “Excellent Teachers In Every Classroom” bill, recently passed through the last days of the recent legislative session of the NC General Assembly.

A hack of a bill, it was sponsored primarily by Senator Chad Barefoot, as a means of addressing the teacher shortage in North Carolina’s public schools with teacher preparation programs that are run by for-profit entities that “train” teachers in short amounts of time to serve our state’s students.

While there do exist many talented people who enter the teaching profession laterally, those people do get training through a program already that allows them to take classes and be mentored as they “enter” the profession.

However, SB599 seems more like paving a road for private business to enter North Carolina to profit from tax payer money while continuing to “de-professionalize” the very profession that is the glue of public education in this state – the public school teacher.

The same say that this bill went through a final vote, the new state superintendent was in his first day of court battling the state board of education over how much the general assembly can control who runs the public school system in North Carolina.

The irony in this is not lost on anyone. In fact, it might be the most that some of us teachers have seen our state “leader” at one time doing what he does best: having someone speak for him about what he should be able to do.

But back to SB599.

One of the interesting items that surrounded the SB599 bill involved the Texas Teachers of Tomorrow. As reported by Alex Granados today on,

Texas Teachers of Tomorrow is an alternative, online teacher preparation organization that gave a $5,000 donation to the bill’s only sponsor Sen. Chad Barefoot, R-Wake, in the month prior to the start of the 2017 long session of the General Assembly. Barefoot said he did not solicit the contribution and has never heard of the person who gave it to him on behalf of the organization. 

E-mails between Barefoot and a representative of the organization show that Teachers of Tomorrow wanted concessions in the bill that would allow them to come into the state sooner than the bill allowed. Barefoot refused. 

But after the bill passed the Senate and went to the House, a House committee added a pilot program to the bill that could have allowed Teachers of Tomorrow to enter the state sooner, as it wanted. Barefoot said publicly he did not support that provision (  

Ethical questions aside (and there are many), it is rather interesting that the words “Teachers of Tomorrow” be engaged with “Excellent Teachers in Every Classroom” for a short period of time all the while our “leader” of the Department of Public Instruction was in court having someone fight on his behalf to give him power so that someone else may abuse.

But we already have excellent teachers in classrooms and we already have ways of bringing teachers of tomorrow into the fold today with proven teacher preparation programs that our taxes have already helped to pay for or people have already become willing to pay for themselves.

In fact, you can find that information on DPI’s website:

There are over 40 of them in our state alone.

Here’s a map.


All of them have schools of education and even offer multiple degrees in areas in education.


And in case Sen. Barefoot or Rep. Elmore doesn’t remember these programs, then here’s a list they can call.

Appalachian State University

Interim Dean of Education: Dr. Melba Spooner

Reich College of Education: 828-262-2232 Licensure Officer: Dr. David A. Wiley

Licensure Phone: 828-262-6107


Barton College

Dean of Education: Dr. Jackie Ennis

Associate Dean of Education: Dr. Ann Carper

School of Education: 252-399-6431

Licensure Officer: Dr. Jackie Ennis

Licensure Phone: 252-399-6434


Belmont Abbey College

Chair Department of Education: Dr. Sara Davis Powell

School of Education: 704-461-5059

Licensure Officer: Benette Sutton

Licensure Phone: 704-461-6830


Bennett College

Dean of Education: Dr. Steve Willis

Chair, Teacher Education Program: Dr. Henry Johnson

Licensure Officer: Dr. Henry Johnson

Licensure Phone: 336-517-2178


Brevard College

Director of Teacher Education: Dr. Betsy Burrows

School of Education: 828-884-8351

Licensure Officer: Dr. Betsy Burrows

Licensure Phone: 828-884-8351


Campbell University

Dean of Education: Dr. Karen P. Nery Associate Dean: Dr. Sam Engel

Director Teacher Education: Dr. Chris Godwin

School of Education: 910-893-1631

Licensure Officer: Ms. Charity Tart

Licensure Phone: 910-893-1631


Catawba College

Dean of Education: Dr. James K. Stringfield

Chair of Dept. of Teacher Education: Dr. Rhonda L. Truitt Goodman School of Education: 704-637-4461

Licensure Officer: Dr. James K. Stringfield Licensure Phone: 704-637-4337


Chowan University

Dean of School of Education: Dr. Ella Benson

School of Education: 252-398-6377

Licensure Officer: Dr. Ella Benson

Licensure Phone: 252-398-6304


Duke University

Dean of Education: Dr. Susan R. Wynn

School of Education: 919-660-3075 Licensure Officer: Dr. Kristen Stephens Licensure Phone: 919-660-3083


East Carolina University

Dean of Education: Dr. Grant Hayes

Director of Teacher Education: Dr. Vivian Martin Covington College of Education: 252-328-4260

Licensure Officer: Dr. Vivian Martin Covington Licensure Phone: 252-328-2278


Elizabeth City State University

Chair Educ., Psych. & Health Dept.: Dr. Gwendolyn Williams

Department of Education, Psychology & Health: 252-335-3297

Licensure Officer: Dr. Sheila Williams

Licensure Phone: 252-335-3295


Elon University

Dean of Education: Dr. V. Ann Bullock

Associate Dean: Dr. Ayesha Delpish

School of Education: 336-278-5900

Licensure Officer: Dr. Ann Bullock

Licensure Phone: 336-278-5859


Fayetteville State University

Dean of Education: Dr. Marion Gillis-Olion School of Education: 910-672-1265

Licensure Officer: Jenny Washington

Licensure Phone: 910-672-1587


Gardner-Webb University programs/undergraduate-programs/schools/school-of- education/index.html

Dean of Education: Dr. Doug Eury

School of Education: 704-406-4406

Licensure Officer: Seth Oprea

Licensure Phone: 704-406-4406


Greensboro College

Director of Teacher Education: Dr. Rebecca Blomgren

Asst. Director of Teacher Education: Pamela Bennett

School of Education: 336-217-7264

Licensure Officer: Dr. Rebecca Blomgren Licensure Phone: 336-272-7102 ext. 262


Guilford College Dean of Education: Dr. Julie Burke

School of Education Phone: 336-316-2363 Licensure Officer: Deedee Pearman Licensure Phone: 336-316-2270


High Point University rapbook/default.php?sectionid=1

Dean of Education: Dr. Mariann Tillery Associate Dean: Dr. Barbara Leonard School of Education: 336-841-9188 Licensure Officer: Dr. Barbara Leonard Licensure Phone: 336-841-9285


Lees-McRae College study/education/index.htm.

Director of Teacher Education: Dr. Pamela Vesely School of Education: 828-898-3382

Licensure Officer: Dr. Pamela Vesely

Licensure Phone: 828-898-3382


Lenoir-Rhyne University

Dean of Education: Dr. Hank Weddington

School of Education Chair: Dr. Kim Matthews School of Education: 828-328-756

Licensure Officer: Dr. Hank Weddington Licensure Phone: 828-328-7565


Livingstone College

Dean of Education: Dr. Alexander Erwin

School of Education: 704-216-6899 Licensure Officer: Dr. Alexander Erwin Licensure Phone: 704-216-6899


Mars Hill University Chair Education: Dr. Susan Stigall

Department of Education: 828-689-1177 Licensure Officer: Dr. Chris Cain Licensure Phone: 828-689-1495


Meredith College

Chair Department of Education: Dr. Mary Kay Delaney School of Education: 919-760-8315

Licensure Officer: Dr. Mary Kay Delaney Licensure Phone: 919-760-8315


Methodist University

Dean of Education: Dr. Tat Chan

Department Chair: Dr. Jennifer Broom

Dept. of Education: Phone: 910-630-7057

Licensure Officer: Patricia Fecher

Licensure Phone: 910-630-7374


Mid-Atlantic Christian University Director of Teacher Education: Dr. Cheryl Luton School of Education: 252-334-2054

Licensure Officer: Dr. Cheryl Luton

Licensure Phone: 252-334-2054


Montreat College

Dir. of Teacher Ed.: Dr. Linda Neuzil Associate Dean: Dr. Constance Nihart

School of Education: 800-669-8012, x3672


Mount Olive University

Chair of Division of Arts & Education: Dr. Tommy Benson

School of Education919-658-7699

Licensure Officer: Dr. Ruby Bell

Licensure Phone: 919-299-4813


North Carolina A&T State University

Interim Dean School of Education: Dr. Anthony Graham

Associate Dean: Dr. Loury O. Floyd

School of Education: 336-334-7757 Licensure Officer: Dr. Loury O. Floyd Licensure Phone: 336-334-7757


North Carolina Central University

Dean of Education: Dr. Audrey W. Beard

Assessment & Program Quality Specialist: Dr. C.E. Davis

School of Education: 919-530-6466

Licensure Officer: Dr. Audrey W. Beard Licensure Phone: 919-530-6417


North Carolina State University

Dean of Education: Dr. Mary Ann Danowitz

Associate Dean: Dr. Michael Maher

College of Education: 919-515-2011 Licensure Officer: Dr. Michael Maher Licensure Phone: 919-515-7160


North Carolina Wesleyan College

Director of Teacher Education: Dr. Danielle Madrazo

School of Education: 252-985-5163

Licensure Officer: Dr. Danielle Madrazo Licensure Phone: 252-985-5165


Pfeiffer University

Dean of Education: Dr. Dawn Lucas

Division of Education: 704-463-3151 Licensure Officer: Dr. Ann Crutchfield Licensure Phone: 704-463-3152


Queens University of Charlotte

Dean Cato School of Education: Dr. John Sisko

Associate Dean: Dr. Amy W. Thornburg

School of Education: 704-337-2580

Licensure Off.: Cynthia Crenshaw Licensure Phone: 704-337-2580


Saint Andrews University Dean of Education:

Dept. of Ed. Faculty: Dr. Teresa Reynolds

Phone: 910-277-5667

School of Education: 910-277-5340

Licensure Phone: 910-277-5340


Saint Augustine’s University

Dean of Education: Dr. Lynne Jefferson

School of Liberal Arts & Education

Chair Department of Education: Dr. Darnell Bethel

School of Education: 919-516-5158

Licensure Phone: 919-516-5158


Salem College

Director of Teacher Education: Dr. Sheryl Long School of Education: 336-721-2774

Licensure Officer: Dr. Sheryl Long

Licensure Phone: 336-721-2658


Shaw University

Chair of Dept. of Education: Dr. Paula Moten-Tolson School of Education: 919-546-8530

Licensure Officer: Dr. Paula Moten-Tolson

Licensure Phone: 919-546-8544


University of Mount Olive

Chair of Division of Arts & Education: Dr. Tommy Benson School of Education: 919-658-7699

Licensure Officer: Dr. Ruby Bell Licensure Phone: 919-299-4813


University of North Carolina at Asheville

Chair of Education: Dr. Kim Brown School of Education: 828-251-6420

Licensure Phone: 828-258-7730


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dean Educ.: Dr. Fouad Abd-El-Khalick Assistant Dean: Dr. Diana Lys

School of Education: 919-966-1436

Licensure Officer: Debbie Andrews Licensure Phone: 919-537-3962


University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Dean of Education: Dr. Ellen McIntyre

College of Education: 704-687-8722

Licensure Officer: Kevin Parsons

Licensure Phone: 704-687-8811


University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Dean of Education: Dr. Randall Penfield

Associate Dean: Dr. Jewell Cooper

School of Education: 336-334-3944

Licensure Officer: Dr. Jacqueline Dozier

Licensure Phone: 336-334-3923


University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Interim Dean of Education: Dr. Alfred Bryant, Jr.

School of Education: 910-521-6539

Licensure Officer: Nuekie Aku Opata

Licensure Phone: 910-521-6879


University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Dean of Education: Dr. Van O. Dempsey, III

Associate Dean: Dr. Ann Potts

Watson College of Education: 910-962-3354

Licensure Officer: Ms. Logan Sidbury

Licensure Phone: 910-962-2796


Wake Forest University

Chair of Dept. of Education: Dr. Adam Friedman

Department of Education: 336-758-5341

Licensure Officer: Tracy Stegman

Licensure Phone: 336-758-5990


Western Carolina University

Dean of Education: Dr. Dale Carpenter

Associate Dean Academic Affairs: Dr. Kim Winter

School of Education: 828-227-7311

Licensure Officer: Dr. Kim Winter

Licensure Phone: 828-227-2000


William Peace University

Chair of Department of Education: Dr. Jennifer Russell

School of Education: 919-508-2291

Licensure Phone: 919-508-2291


Wingate University

Dean of Education: Dr. Sarah Harrison-Burns

School of Education: 704-233-8127

Licensure Officer: Dr. Sarah Harrison-Burns

Licensure Phone: 704-233-8128


Winston-Salem State University

The College of Arts, Science, Business & Education (CASBE) Dean of CASBE: Dr. Corey D.B. Walker

Faculty of Education: 336-750-2370

Licensure Officer: Ms. Jamilla Shepper