A Letter to Secretary DeVos from a Special Normal Public School Student

Malcolm will be thrilled with this! Thanks.

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Stuart Egan teaches high school in North Carolina. His son Malcolm was born with Down Syndrome. He is in third grade in public school and is thriving. Stuart helped Malcolm compose this letter to Secretary Betsy DeVos. Malcolm wonders if she cares about kids like him.

The letter starts like this:

“Dear Secretary DeVos,

“My name is Malcolm and I just finished third-grade in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School system. I have vibrant red-hair and blue eyes like my mom, wear cool glasses, have a wicked follow through on my jump shot, and am quite the dancer. My dad also wears glasses, but he does not dance very well nor has much hair. My sister is in high school. She is very smart and she helps me with my homework.

“I also have an extra chromosome because of a condition called Trisomy 21. You may know it as Down Syndrome. It…

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