This School Rock(s)

It has become custom for many schools to have a “rock” centrally located that is frequently decorated to celebrate a facet of school culture.

The rock at West Forsyth is no different in that regard except that it has chronicled countless memories in its various layers of paint for a school with a lot to celebrate.

It is not as if one can use an eraser and simply take off previous coats of paint. One simply paints over what is there to create something new.

In my years at West, this rock has welcomed new freshmen, touted clubs and service organizations, announced upcoming productions, encouraged individual students and faculty through difficult times, created buzz for athletic events, celebrated championships, and just displayed school spirit.

One time it even had a marriage proposal on it.

All of those words, pictures, dates, symbols, sayings, and swabs of paint are still there although under more recent collections of designs, but forever kept on the most rooted icon on our campus.

It would be nice if we gathered a collection of pics that had different images painted on the “rock” at West Forsyth. If you do have one, then please forward. I have an idea.

I think this one looks especially good to start with.