It Still Was A Perfect Season

Any team that has goals and aspirations truly strives to end the season with a winning streak; however, usually only one team can really end the year with one.

At least when it comes to the actual score.

The result of last night’s game will not set easy for those who competed and the sting of a loss on the scoreboard will not wear off anytime soon. That owes to the competitive spirit.

But for so many reasons, this season still ended with a winning streak.

Think of the crowds for every game. Home AND away.

Think of how some away games had more of your fans than the home team’s did.

Think of the loudest student section this side of the state.

Think of how you never thought you were not in the game.

Think of how much you made the second half the scariest part of the game for all of your opponents.

And yes, that may be the last game for some of the seniors in a formal setting, but a tradition endures, an ethic carries on, and a culture of success grows.

It was amazing to see some of the tweets from players, students, and fans alike who showed pride and love for team and school. If anyone wants to see “community,” then he / she would just need to witness this team and its fans.

I never wanted to be anywhere else on a Friday night, and while I could not go to every game, I am grateful to have seen this team play as many times as I have.

Simply a privilege to be a part of and witness what I got to see and experience.

This team will reload – not rebuild. And knowing the grit of this team, they will start preparing for next season now.

I already know where I want to be on Friday nights starting next August.

That goes double for this kid.