Thankful for Public School Advocates

Maybe today is a good day to mention how thankful I am for public school advocates. And it’s not just today, but every single day that I am thankful.

And that thankfulness has grown into gratitude.

And that gratitude means that I am grateful.

And to me being grateful means that I add action to being thankful and hopefully “pay it forward.”

I began this blog about 18 months ago as a way of helping advocate for public education as  a teacher in public schools, a parent of public school students, and a willing taxpayer who helps finance public schools. On this digital journey, I have come in contact with some of the most tireless public school advocates whose actions to preserve and strengthen our public good continually inspire me to do more.

I am thankful for that.

It is no secret that we stand at a sort of crossroads here in North Carolina when it concerns public education. We have many in power who truly believe that privatizing public education through vouchers, unregulated charter schools, takeover schemes, and constantly changing, yet nebulous standards is the way to proceed.

Public school advocates have fought against this – yesterday, today, and will tomorrow.

I am thankful that people are speaking out against “deforms” in our state system.

I am thankful that people are holding lawmakers and elected officials accountable.

I am thankful that people are showing support for schools in so many ways and becoming involved.

I am thankful that people are beginning to assert themselves as advocates knowing that when it comes to our students we cannot settle for compromise when we say we promise them a good education.

I am thankful that there are organizations and groups committed to helping public education.

I am thankful that so many people have turned their thankfulness into gratitude and taken action to support our schools whether urban, suburban, rural, and all places in between.

I am thankful that it makes me grateful.