Double Overtime on the Road – Ain’t Over Until You Stop Playing

If you are Malcolm, every team at West Forsyth is your favorite, but there has always been a most special place in his heart for the Titan Girls Basketball team.

Maybe it’s the pregame fist-bumps with players the last couple of years or that he always sits behind the bench during games. (In actuality, that happens at most every game he goes to no matter the sport; it’s one of the many reasons that West is Best to him.)

It is not an uncommon occurrence to update Malcolm on a score for a West team from a Twitter feed when we can not get to the game or match. Tonight it was the ladies basketball game up near the state line against a state championship team from last year.

The will to win does not start at the beginning of the game. It starts before the very first practice.

If anything has defined this team of young ladies, it is that they endlessly prepare to be part of a team, to play as a team, and to win as a team.

And this team does not quit. To them, the game is not over until the final horn sounds.

Malcolm fell asleep before I could tell him that West won in double overtime on the road.

Don’t be mistaken by his verbal obstacles. That extra chromosome affected his muscle tone. That includes his ability to form words verbally. But his receptive speech is much better than people realize.

When I tell him tomorrow morning that his favorite team won, he will know exactly what I am talking about.

Actually, to him they always win.

But I will take a picture of his face when I tell him.

Congrats, ladies. Proud to be a Titan.