A Meaningful and Valuable Part of Our School Culture – The Titan Cheerleading Squad

Malcolm and I have been to many West Forsyth football and basketball games – home and away.

Most children with Down Syndrome are highly visual learners. Malcolm is no exception. He looks for familiar people and sights. It gives him his bearings and helps with social equilibrium.

Malcolm knows the way to West Forsyth. He recognizes the roads we are on and the direction which we are headed. But for those times where we go to an away game, it can be a little bit disconcerting. That is until he sees some familiar faces.

Numerous times when we have gone to an away game, Malcolm instantly recognizes  the uniforms of the players warming up. Green and Gold are good colors for him. But when he sees the Titan cheerleaders, then he knows he is among family.

I have said it before to many people and will always repeat it, but the young ladies who are on the Titan Cheerleading Squad have been some of the classiest young ladies that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I say that for many reasons, but particularly how they have always gone out of their way to engage fans and young kids like Malcolm.

It was especially gratifying to see this picture in a recent Twitter feed.

Titan Cheer

Recognition for something that they have always done.

Do not forget that these ladies cheer for more than one season, that their training program is rigorous, and that they set a tone for school spirit that has helped to create one of the most positive school cultures any school has ever had.

Congrats to them and to their coach!

And thanks for treating my kid so well.