Sue Sylvester Would Repeal The Unfunded Class Size Mandate in NC And Make Public Schools More “Glee”ful

It is not hard to imagine one of the legislative offices at the North Carolina General Assembly to be inhabited by yet another individual who refuses to repeal the class size mandate that threatens to hurt our public schools.

Someone so dead-set against the arts that he/she would sabotage their funding with lies and antagonistic plans.

Someone who has so convinced him /herself that what is really needed in public education is more political agendas rather than public service.

Someone like the Sue Sylvester.

sue sylvester 1

In fact, the Sue Sylvester of the first four seasons of the hit-show Glee would fit in just fine with the GOP caucus that runs West Jones Street, especially when it comes to public education. In just a few short weeks, that entire caucus could be adorning themselves in matching Adidas brand track suits as they file into secret chambers for a midnight meeting during a special session to grab power in surreptitious ways.

Sue Sylvester would have a megaphone in that meeting.

sue sylvester 2

Yes, Glee is not that realistic in many ways.  It’s more like an episodic Broadway musical with characters who so dramatically play their roles “over the top” that they become their own caricatures. Shows survive by ratings, and ratings come with unrealistic plot lines.

But there is a lot about Glee and the Sue Sylvester character that does shed a bright stage light upon the fate of public schools. In fact, the creators of the show and its writers make it rather plain that they are very much advocates of the arts in our schools.

Sue Sylvester’s character is always at odds with the glee club because of what might be termed as “inadequate” funding.  Lack of funding in public schools is more than a running theme in North Carolina.

Sue Sylvester’s character is very much of a bully. There might be a few of those on West Jones Street.

Sue Sylvester’s actions got her fired. Considering the number of unconstitutional actions taken by the current NCGA with voter rights, gerrymandering, and removal of teacher due-process rights for veterans, there are many who might think those “fireable” offenses.

Sue Sylvester comes back to work after all she has done.  That coach at Trinity Christian in Fayetteville was allowed to go back to work even after he embezzled LOTS of money from taxpayer funded vouchers.

And then there’s what the creators and writers of Glee actually comment on schools through the entire series.

There’s the fact that the show emphasizes the arts with the glee club.

There’s the fact that issues such as bullying and sexual identity are heavily explored which is rather apropos considering the HB2 debacle and the “legivangelism” so prevalent in Raleigh.

There’s the fact the issues such as inclusion of exceptional students and kids are important. With characters (and actresses) who happen to have Down Syndrome on the show, Glee shows that people are always more alike than they are different – especially students.

sue sylvester 3

And finally, there is the series end where Sue Sylvester (as VP of the US – yes a woman in that high office) comes back to help dedicate the new auditorium at the school she once tried to bend to her will. William McKinley High now is an exemplary school because it embraces the arts.

Sue Sylvester came to her senses in the last season.

Makes you wonder if those lawmakers in Raleigh could come to their senses and repeal the class size mandate. If not, then we should cancel their “series” in the next elections.

But it would be neat to see Berger, Barefoot, and Lee in matching tracksuits.

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