It’s In the Details – Thoughts From A Backseat Coach And Avid West Forsyth Titan Fan

I have not coached an actual high-school game in well over a decade and my feats as a high school athlete get more embellished as years go by, but I have watched enough games at West Forsyth in multiple sports to know that what has produced the successful teams that we have had in Clemmons (and at other schools) are not the memorable solitary plays that get talked about years later.

It’s what made those plays possible.

Like –

  • off-season workouts
  • blocking the right defenders
  • keeping your lanes and running clean routes
  • focus in the huddle
  • taking a charge
  • jump stops
  • the right bounce pass
  • hitting the relay
  • communicating loudly
  • hit and runs
  • calling for the ball
  • running it out
  • keeping grades up
  • pre-game meals
  • good slide tackles
  • cross passes
  • listening to coaches
  • not settling for good enough
  • being the first to pick up a teammate
  • paying attention even while on the bench
  • sportsmanship
  • always hustling
  • being prideful without being too proud
  • thanking family and friends for coming to watch you play
  • eating right
  • getting enough sleep

And there are a myriad of others that get noticed on reviews of film or by keen eyes.

That’s why I appreciate well-coached teams – because it isn’t about the final stats, but how those final stats came about.

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