#AllIn #Allthetime

The attitude and culture of a team means everything and it starts with the coach. When players believe in a coach, when the coach believes in the players, and when the players believe in each other no matter what they contribute, then something incredible happens.

Great teams have a cohesiveness, a bond, a shared existence, and a desire to play the game together.

Watch the bench when someone makes a play on the court and you will get an idea of the focus of an entire team.

Watch the attentiveness of the team when a time out is called and the coach is in the middle of the huddle drawing out a play or a scheme.

Watch how many players run up to a teammate when that teammate takes a charge or makes a hustling dive to gain possession.

Then you will get an idea of how much investment the team has in the team.

Follow the twitter account for the Titan Women’s Basketball Team and it uses the hashtags #allin #allthetime. It’s what they say when they break huddle.


And it suits them.

Not many teams can bet a quality opponent three times in one season.

Not many teams can beat a quality opponent who has reached the second round of the state playoffs of the largest classification in the state three times in one season.

These ladies have done it twice this season.

Another 32-minute run of selfless hustle, heart, and total “buy-in” to the team.

See you Saturday.