Heart, Grit, Toughness, and the 6th Man

At this point in the playoffs, every team is a good team. Every team has deep talent. Every team is more than athletically capable.

In what was the last game on the Titan home court of the season, what was shown in the third round game are the ingredients that win games when both teams are immensely equipped to score points.

Heart, grit, and toughness, and some help from the 6th man.


Playing through foul trouble, weathering a run, not getting some calls, and other intangibles are the marks of those very “stats” that never make it into the stat sheet.

Heart, grit, and toughness, and some help from the 6th man.

Having all the talent in the world can win a few games, but when it is married to heart, grit, and toughness, you will not ever “lose” a game.

Going through an entire season never losing a game on your home court, including the playoffs, is a remarkable feat. What made last night’s win (among many others) even more special was the crowd.

There were parents. There were cheerleaders. There was the dance team.

But there were faculty members. Every administrator was there. The head coaches of other teams were there. Community members who just support West were there. Students were there. Even people who do not know all of the rules of a basketball game were there – Standing, cheering, lending support, and letting the team know they were there for them.

And give credit to the other team. There was no quit in them and their fans were as passionate about their team.

If anyone ever doubted the fabric of what makes a school so vital to the community then he/she could have attended last night’s game and had all doubts removed. The tweets and messages shared by the team and the coaching staff about how much they appreciated people coming to see them play for the school shows not only a love for a sport but the pride in representing a school and appreciating encouragement from their community.

People make it work.

Nice to see a lot of people for both schools last night.