I Agree With the State Superintendent on This, But…

In the wake of the Douglas High School shootings last week, those in the position to affect changes in our public schools and how those schools can be more prepared to combat potential problems need to show leadership and take a stand – for public schools.

It is heartening to see State Supt. Mark Johnson issue a statement about arming teachers with firearms that says stands in agreement with almost every teacher I have heard from.

johnson guns

Yes, it is imperative to find ways to keep students and teachers safe.

But I hope some of the conversations that the state superintendent has as he works with the General Assembly include arguing for stricter gun laws so that military-style guns do not get in the hands of someone so easily.

I hope it involves asking for more resources to help our ratios of nurses, guidance counselors, and school psychiatrists currently in public schools.

I hope it involves giving teachers more time and money for professional development that teachers and students help create and lead and have time to actually utilize.

I hope it involves making sure that teachers have the time and flexibility to work more with students individually by funding more teacher positions and teacher assistants without the General Assembly making i a political game.

I hope that it includes state lawmakers actually having to visit public schools to get a better sense of what happens in the very places they claim they know so much about.

I hope Mark Johnson does follow through with what he says.

And I hope he is not afraid to actually listen to the very teachers AND STUDENTS he supposedly is going to help relieve the “burdens” of.