A Big Can of Canned Answers – That Betsy DeVos Interview on 60 Minutes

Leslie Stahl presented a segment on Betsy DeVos.

Stahl’s overview of DeVos, her questions, and the canned answers that DeVos gave in response are worth viewing even if it makes you cringe a little.


The link also has a transcript.


One thought on “A Big Can of Canned Answers – That Betsy DeVos Interview on 60 Minutes

  1. For some time I have believed that Public Education is not being changed but being dismantled bit by bit. First and foremost, the lack of pay for educators who are there before anyone of you became a doctor, lawyer, journalist, researcher, etc.. Then following the money from public schools to charter schools, where they number 1 do not have to readmit a student who has misbehaved continuously, where they number 2 are not charged with educating the masses with all their mental/physical/impulsive behaviors.and number 3, they have stripped the public schools of resources, textbooks(and no chrome books are not the answer) copying paper, everyday office supplies, etc… Secretary DEVOS, you have no idea of what you speak… Come with me, teach with me, mentor with me… your answer that schools of choice is the answer is only for students whose parents are well versed and educated in making choices and wealthy or the more affluent parents who don’t want to have to pay for their child’s education.


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