This is What Racial Gerrymandering Looks Like in NC Education “Reform”

in the 2015-2016 school year, the following demographics concerning student membership in NC public schools were recorded:


The 2015-2016 was the last school year before the election cycle that placed the current NC General Assembly members in office, the same people who have crafted recent budgets.

Yesterday Grow Great NC convened a meeting between NC’s education policy makers and Jeb Bush. Here is a tweet showing and identifying many of them.


There’s Jason Saine who loves charters. Furthermore, he was just named the new National Chairman of ALEC and is helping to open yet another charter school called West Lake Preparatory school that is affiliated with Charter Schools USA –

There’s Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, who sits on the state school board and lambasted DPI under Dr. June Atkinson for its report on charter schools that said they were disproportionally representing populations. It is also worth noting that Forest is also on the state board of education and is ramping up for a run at the governor’s mansion in 2020.

There were more people there.



Take a look at those demographics.

100% white. Almost all of them male.

Want to take a guess how many years of classroom experience is in that room? Yet, they are sitting in nice suits making policy about the very school they really do not know about.

That looks more like racial gerrymandering.