Thoughts About School Fundraising – Maybe the NCGA Should Do A Bake Sale to Finance Those Special Sessions

If you live in a neighborhood with children, you may have experienced receiving a knock on the door or the ringing of a doorbell by a school aged child inquiring if you may want to buy some sort of product or consumable as part of a fundraiser.

I want to encourage you to buy it. Actually, buy two of them. Even if you do not plan on using them or eating them.

It is no mystery that all public schools are in need of money to help finance worthwhile activities and resources. Our public schools are not fully funded to ensure prime educational opportunities for all inside and outside of the classroom.

Consequently, our students, their families, and their advocates must seek ways to help alleviate the deficit. And along the way meaningful lessons are learned by all that are not covered by the Common Core.

Students gain funds to help pay for trips, supplies, uniforms for sports, instruments for band, art supplies, science materials, computers, books, props for theatre, etc. They also learn how to be part of the community.

You as a patron invest in something much more than a disposable good or memento. You invest in an ongoing, dynamic process in helping build a thoughtful, hard-working citizenry who will provide a return on investment that far exceeds your original payment.


  • Buy the cookies, even if you do not eat sweets.
  • Buy the candles. The electricity will go out one day and you may need them.
  • Buy the cups with the school mascot on it. Rooting for a local sports team is good for the soul.
  • Buy the cookie dough. You eat it raw anyways.
  • Buy the opportunity to get your car washed. It’s been dirty for weeks.
  • But a magazine subscription. Trust me. I am an English teacher. Reading is good for you.
  • Buy an awareness bracelet. Kids will think you’re cool.
  • Buy a raffle ticket. You may win.
  • Buy the discount cards. You frequent those places anyway.
  • Buy tickets for the pancake breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day.
  • Buy a ticket for the winter carnival. You may have fun.
  • Buy an opportunity to run in the Fun Run. You can work off the calories from the cookies and the pancakes.
  • Buy a ticket to the talent show. Live vicariously through others.
  • Buy a ticket to a concert or a performance. You will probably enjoy it.
  • Buy a chance to sponsor a student in an activity. You just told someone you value what he/she does.
  • Buy a school related clothing item. The school gets money and you promote the school.
  • Buy a craft or piece of art from a student. You may be amazed at the quality.
  • Buy the popcorn. It’s already popped and ready to eat.
  • Buy the chicken pot pie or the ham. There will be a day when you need something already prepared for supper.

Think of it this way – nothing validates a school’s mission more than supporting its endeavors in creating opportunities for our kids.


Plus, you get something tangible and intangible in return.

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