About Rep. Bob Steinburg’s Facebook Post on Teacher Longevity Pay

This is an actual Facebook post from a lawmaker in the North Carolina Genera Assembly.

steinburg 1

It deserves a few responses such as:

steinburg 2


2 thoughts on “About Rep. Bob Steinburg’s Facebook Post on Teacher Longevity Pay

  1. Those who follow lock-step and spout the party rhetoric without knowledge of facts and figures or even without regard for the truth can never earn my support. I have been a conservative and a registered Republican for nearly four decades, but I am disheartened that my own party now considers me incapable of comprehending more than their talking points. Some of them may even believe me to be stupid, in that I should believe them before I believe my own notices of direct deposit. A Low Information Voter? Not me. I’m just an experienced educator who knows without a doubt that many members of the NCGA are LIV’s in regard to education policy in this state. I have voted across party lines before, and I will continue to do so in order to find individuals who will serve their constituents instead of playing political games.

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  2. Ditto, Lynn! For years I have voted across party lines. This crew was just too much to take anymore. I was too embarrassed to claim to be a NC Republican and switched to Unaffiliated. We have got to take our party AND our state back from these lunatics!


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