What If Teachers Had Endorsement Deals? A Satirical Look at School Supplies

Every year athletes, schools, teams, and other professional organizations sign endorsement deals that outfit the contracted with certain merchandise and materials so that they can be promoted to the general public and help get customers.


No one could be more suited for that type of deal than a teacher.

Standing up in front of those teenagers every day, I not only expand their academic horizons and intellectual boundaries, but I also am a model of how to express myself.

If I counted the number of ties that students asked my where they could get a pair of Doc Martens like the pair I wear, I would need seven hands. That’s promotion.

And it deserves some love. As a teacher, I could rep that stuff.

But school supplies is what students really look at and want to emulate.

That clip-board I use. I can tell by the looks in my students’ eyes that if they knew where it was from, each would go and purchase a dozen for themselves alone.

Three-ring binders? You should see them when I take out a piece of paper from a 3-inch notebook. Their eyes can’t hide that look of “Hey, does it come in green?”

That college-ruled paper? I can’t keep it. Always being taken for “essays”.

That titanium-blade electric pencil sharpener in front of the room. Students literally sharpen already sharpened pencils to get a closer look at it. They covet it.

Those binder clips I wear on my lanyard around my neck to indicate sets of essays “graded”? Kids are walking around school doing the same thing as if they are a badge of honor.

Don’t even get me started on staplers. Other teachers would take them if they could.

Do you know how many Uni-Ball pens I have probably sold on behalf of that company.?Actually, I don’t know, but there are a lot of students walking around with some because they took them from my class.

The point is that when a student walks into my classroom, he /she takes a look at what I am using and then makes that silent assertion: “Hey, that would probably make me look cool!”  And so they buy them.

In loads.

Teachers like me are literally making that part of the economy rolling and someone os making a lot of money. Maybe it should be time to show the teachers a little love and let them endorse those items as athletes endorse athletic wear.

It’s only fitting.

And I am spending a lot on money on supplies.

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  1. Just got for purchasing a case of 3×5 index cards for my students who never seem to have any. Suppose there is an endorsement from Office Depot


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