Sen. Phil Berger and the #NotAnNCSucessStory

If Sen. Phil is going to brag about what wonderful actions he and his cronies have performed to strengthen the public school system and make teaching in public schools rewarding in North Carolina, then can he explain…

  • Why our college teacher preparation programs are seeing a decline in candidates of over 30%?
  • Why we have a teacher shortage?
  • Why the state passed SB599 and it courting alternative paths for teacher recruitment?
  • Why is the average teacher pay in North Carolina still %16 behind the national average?
  • Why do teachers who are hired now not able to obtain career status?
  • Why are schools measured by secret algorithms not made public through EVAAS?
  • Why are we spending less per-pupil now than before the Great Recession when adjusted for inflation?
  • Why are there 7500 fewer teacher assistants in our schools now than 8 years ago?
  • Why are teachers no longer receiving longevity pay?
  • Why is it that the NCGA brags about an average teacher pay of over $53,000 for our teachers now, but the salary schedule they just passed for teachers will never be able to sustain that average?

And finally, why did this happen?