Top 15 Holiday Gifts For Teachers (If You Really Love Them)

Forget the apples. Forget the Starbucks Gift Cards. Forget homemade cookies.

This holiday season give teachers gifts that they can not only truly enjoy, but truly use to make them better at what they do.

  1. Time Machine – specifically one that looks cool.

gift-1Maybe something akin to the DeLorean in the iconic movie Back to the Future. If there is something that teachers really need, it’s more time.

Think about, grade a set of papers, go back in time and grade some more. Didn’t get enough sleep the night before? Don’t hit the snooze button. Go back in time and get some more shuteye.

The fact that the time machine comes in the form of a Delorean also means that transportation is taken care of.

  1. Segway – with a cool helmet to use.

gift-2Imagine doing lunchtime duty with one of these! Preserve energy and look really official while riding. Flames on the side should also be considered.

  1. T-Rex Statue

gift-3Put one of these in the classroom and allow students to decorate it with costumes that resemble characters from novels studied or historical figures or other educational visages. Student will love it and, frankly, you would be the coolest teacher on the hall.

  1. Karaoke Machine

gift-4If a teacher likes to hear himself / herself talk then let them sing a lesson. Performance art at its best. Finally that Heart of Darkness, The Musical your AP Lit teacher has been working on can be performed as it should be – in the classroom.

  1. Powerful Megaphone.

gift-5For those who do hall duty in large buildings or have students in the back of the room who refuse to listen.

  1. Drone with Eye on the bottom

gift-6This would allow for proctoring from afar and would allow for the teacher to make students feel like they were being watched while taking tests.

  1. Cloning Machine

gift-7Now teachers can get to the multiple meetings that always seem to be scheduled for the same time.

  1. Sonic Screwdriver

gift-8No a toy replica – a real one. Something like this could fix the copy machine, printer, the network connection, and the phone without having to put in a work order.

  1. Rita Skeeter Magic Pen

gift-9This would allow the teacher to write down whatever is said while doing something else. Take notes, jot down ideas, etc.

  1. Freeze Ray

gift-10This would help ensure that when the teacher calls “TIME!” then everyone really stops working. This is especially good when giving timed tests.

  1. Hypno-Hat

gift-11Commonly seen in the Minions Movie, the Hypno-Hat would be very good when speaking to legislators concerning the conditions in public schools.

  1. Hologram

gift-12You literally can show up in the most needed places. Maybe even use for county meetings that you can’t get to on time because of traffic.

  1. Wookie

gift-13Honestly, there is no explanation needed. Loyal to a fault, fun to converse with, and easily the best deterrent a teacher can have against discipline problems.

  1. Eye of Sauron

gift-14Don’t think that having an eye on students is not key for school security? Well, this can watch the entire school at one time.

  1. Replicator

gift-15Hot coffee anytime. Home baked goods? Anytime. Forgot lunch? Taken care of.

Being thoughtful is not hard to do and if you really value those teachers, then help them do what they do best even better!