Every North Carolina Lawmaker Should Be a Proctor for a State Exam and Administer the ACT

Of the many incredibly clever, spot-on, and ingenious signs from the May 16th march and rally in Raleigh, this one has remained my favorite.


“Can Anyone Here Proctor?” This gentleman was everywhere. That’s what made this sign so powerful – there is always a test to be administered and there is always a need for  proctor. If you want to get an idea of the absolute unenviable task of setting a testing schedule for a large school can be, then create one for all exams that allows for space and time and room for all accommodations.

And then find administrators and proctors for all of them.

Exams for our school system and most others will happen in January after the Winter Break. After days missed because of weather related reasons: hurricanes, snowfall, etc.

They last about a week or so. The spring exams seem to be a longer stretch of testing days.

8 days for state exams last year in my school system.

Administrators and proctors needed for all of them.

So before the General Assembly passes yet more mandates and bills that show a complete ignorance of the tasks and duties of teachers and staffs in public schools, each lawmaker should serve as a proctor for a state exam just to get an idea of the inner workings of a school filled with duties and tasks that must be performed with limited resources and space. For that matter, they should all have a chance to administer the ACT as well. It won’t take too long.

Or will it.

There is a booklet for proctoring a state exam– http://www.ncpublicschools.org/docs/accountability/policyoperations/prctrgd1617.pdf.


There is also mandatory training.

Don’t be late.

Because teachers always have more than one test to proctor or administer in a given exam week.