Principles Before Personalities – Crossing Party Lines to Help Our Schools

Yes, public education is political. But it does not have to be partisan.

Yet, in the last few years, more and more local school board elections are becoming partisan races steering school systems by a GPS system based on political dogma and controlled in Raleigh rather than what is best for the local school system.

My own school system, the Winston-Salem / Forsyth County Schools is a partisan board and many, including myself, see that as a possible obstacle in fully helping our schools.

But when principles rule over personalities and the goal of serving on the school board is centered on helping ALL students succeed, then great things can come to pass.


Last Thursday, two members of the WSFCS school board, one veteran and one newly sworn in, crossed party lines in voting for a new chairperson to lead the next term. You can read about here.

Those two ladies received lots of criticism simply because the decision they made was based on what they thought best for the school system. Even two local NCGA representatives saw fit to criticize their decision.

I praise it. We need more people willing to cross party lines if it means serving the public better.

Raleigh could learn a lot from them.