What Happened In Rocky Mount – NC Needs More Regulations on Charter Schools

rocky mount

From the Rocky Mount Telegram on January 8th, 2019:

Teachers at the now defunct Global Achiever School will not be able to look to the state for recourse as they wait to see if they will be paid the money owed to them.

“Just as with district schools, the state allots the funds but the entity — the local education agency or charter school — is the employer. What recourse is available to employees would be a matter of the particulars of their employment agreement with their employer and state law,” said Drew Elliot, communications director for the state Department of Public Instruction.

Global Achievers School, the second charter school to open in Nash County, opened its doors in August, lost its state charter in November and closed on Dec. 14, as required by the state. The State Board of Education voted to withdraw the school’s charter because it did not meet the minimum attendance threshold and board members were concerned about the school’s financial condition. 

The rest of the story can be found here.

What is eye-opening is that it opened this past August and it already has failed.

But what is really eye-opening is:

Teachers and staff member have been informed by the charter school board that as of now, they will not be paid for services rendered in the month of December or for the 10 percent cut that was taken from their paychecks in November in an effort to address cash flow issues.

And those teachers cannot just easily walk into another teaching job in traditional public schools.

And what happens with those students who were there? Yes, they can go to the local traditional schools, but half of the school year is over.

Charter schools in NC need to be more regulated.