North Carolina: A State Where Ice Cream and Doughnuts Are Important Than Fully Funding Schools

If you have not read the latest post by the gifted teacher / writer Justin Parmenter on his blog Notes From the Chalkboard, then do so. Entitled “After ice cream, could state lawmakers address our practice of assigning F’s to schools of poverty?”, Parmenter talks about yet another empty bill presented in the NCGA.

Yesterday Representative John Torbett filed a bill entitled ‘Official State Frozen Treat.’ If passed, this legislation would end years of confusion which had residents wasting valuable time eating popsicles, slurpees, and even frozen yogurt. Finally, ice cream will be adopted as North Carolina’s official frozen treat.

What Parmenter brings to light is the fact that while bills such as this are being introduced, real problems such as how poverty affect student achievement and are literally being ignored and only discussed in partisan echo chambers.

But the sweet tooth of empty rhetoric is not just confined to West Jones Street.

Last Saturday, State Superintendent Mark Johnson ran the “Krispy Kreme Challenge” to “reward” the teachers of North Carolina for having a high response rate to a teacher survey that really never allows teachers to convey their attitudes toward the state’s policies on public education. Johnson seems more willing to run for doughnuts than rally for public schools.

Ice Cream and doughnuts. Poverty and fully funding schools.

Which pair is the more important?