Another Major Announcement for April 3

Mark Johnson has a habit of making major announcements as a way of “engaging” the people of North Carolina. Prepared statements on issues that desperately need teacher input but are about crafted legislation put together in back rooms and usually has a glossy outside but rather brittle on the inside.

There was the Feb 19th evening of major announcements.


We got the an eleven year plan (#NC2030) and TeachNC.

Then there was April 1st with Sen. Berger.


We got more Read to Achieve.

And now for April 3rd we have:


The neat aspect about this major announcement is that the words “major announcement” are used three times in the media advisory for a major announcement.

It makes one wonder why a state superintendent is looking for photo ops when he could be really engaging with teachers. It makes one wonder why he has had more staged “major announcements” than actually being with groups of public school teachers and really listening to what they are saying about what can help public schools.