NC’s Personal Leave Policy

For those who did not see Susan Foulke’s post on NCTU’s Facebook page, she references the “Use of Personal Leave Chart” that the state has provided and then linked the file.

I am putting it on the blog in case there are some readers who did not see the actual post or do not follow that group.

leave policy

leave policy 2

Look at (C) and (D) under (1) above. They state,

(C) On all other days, if the request is made at least five days in advance, the request shall be automatically granted subject to the availability of a substitute teacher.

(D) A teacher who requests personal leave at least five days in advance cannot be required to provide a reason.

If you put in now – you do not have to give a reason. And if your system has a substitute finder, then it is up to that sub finder to actually find you a sub.