Sen. Berger Is Simply Scared of Us Teachers (and Some Facts For Him)

On April 12th, Sen. Phil Berger released another statement in response to the All Out For May 1st march and rally in Raleigh.


Notice that there is not a single mention of many of the five specific issues that the march is centered around – issues that have been widely shared and discussed and which the reasoning has been flushed: minimum wage raised for all school personnel, Medicaid expansion for FAMILIES, retiree health benefits restored, graduate degree pay, and more support staff.

And if Sen. Berger is going to offer some “Facts” about what he and his cronies have done  or said about education then maybe he could use some more.

Fact: Berger compared teacher assistants to manual typewriters.

Look at the video referenced here at  a gathering sponsored by BEST NC. He said,

“Research shows teacher assistants don’t have a meaningful impact on student’s academic outcomes…but here in North Carolina this year we will spend almost $400 million dollars on teacher assistants next year. I equate it to an office supply business that chooses to continue to invest in manual typewriters.”

Fact: Berger compared teacher bonus pay opposition to the situation in North Korea.

From February of 2018,


Fact: Berger uses every opportunity he can to refer to teachers and anyone who opposes his stance as an attack by extremists or the “Mob.”

And notice he is asking for money as well.


Fact: Berger has refused to acknowledge that both Read to Achieve and the Opportunity Scholarship programs have not been shown to boost outcomes.


Duke study

Fact: Berger has helped engineer the most gerrymandered districts in North Carolina to ensure that his party keeps majority power.

The map below is just an example.


Fact: Berger had to use the “nuclear option” to pass the budget last year.

He did not want any amendments or debate to expose deficiencies in the state budget for public schools.

Maybe these facts could be “for immediate release.”