Look Sen. Berger, NC is Turning Red (4Ed)!

Phil Berger and Tim Moore can already hear our footsteps and are trying to avoid as much as they can with unfounded words and actions to sequester legislators from having to meet with teachers.

Berger was quoted today on NC Policy Watch with the following words:

“The special interest education lobby will say just about anything to convince you that Republicans hate education and Democrats love it,” Berger wrote. “They do this because their primary motive is to elect Democrats, and to do that they need to mislead you into believing that Republican education policies have harmed our state.”

Then he can explain how these measures have strengthened public schools :

  • Removal of Graduate Degree Pay
  • Removal of Longevity Pay
  • Removal of Career Status
  • Removal of Due- Process Rights
  • School Performance Grading System
  • Bonus Pay Schemes
  • Vouchers
  • Charter Cap Removed
  • Class Size Chaos
  • Removal of Professional Development Funds

(And there are many more.)

It’s laughable to hear Berger say that his policies have helped public education here in NC because thousands of people who actually work in public education are coming straight to him to tell him that he is wrong AS THEY DID LAST MAY.

But for a man who has helped to engineer gerrymandered districts to ensure that the map of NC always stays as “red” as it possibly can be beyond legal limits, it is rather humorously ironic that this map of red is one that he does not want to see.



See you tomorrow Phil as you actually have to discuss a budget that you cannot pass through committee.