Can We Change NC’s Civics Classes To Include:

If Raleigh is going play around with Civic and Economics classes to include lessons on personal finance, then can they also tweak the curriculum to make sure and cover real life applications of civics and economics as well?

Could they include the fact that North Carolina is the only state in the country that does not allow a woman to change her consent to sexual intercourse?

North Carolina may remain the only state in the country where someone cannot be charged with rape for continuing to have sex with a partner who told them to stop. It stems from a 40-year-old legal precedent.

Another bill was introduced to change this heinous loophole in defining sexual assault this year.

It never made it our of committee.

Could they include a lesson on how it is not illegal for someone to have sex with an incapacitated person if that person responsible for “causing that condition?”

Could they also make sure that students know that we as a state have not outlawed “tampering” someone’s drink? You can literally “spike”someone’s drink and never be charged for it because it is not illegal.

Could they make sure that the use of extreme gerrymandering is covered? Especially in NC is that craft been practiced to the point of unconstitutionality based on racial divides.

Civics students could learn how to draw a gerrymandered district . For instance,


No. That is not an internal organ. It is not a paramecium. It is not an ink blot. It is not a lake on a map. It is a real district. Specifically, it’s the 12th congressional district. It somehow connects Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High-Point, Charlotte, and multiple sites in between in a way that only crafty politicians can do. In fact, this district was called the most gerrymandered in the nation.


Could the students learn the difference between fabricated voter fraud and actual voter fraud? Maybe we could use former Gov. Pat McCrory’s facade of a lawsuit in which he screamed voter fraud as an example of fabricated whining and compare that to the recent Mark Harris scandal which actually was proven to be true.

Could students maybe revisit the economic impact of HB2 on the state? That would be a great way of showing the relationship of civics and economics. Students could see how an unfounded claim of bathroom assaults by transgender people led to many an economic consequence.

And don’t let the irony of the fact that the person who wrote the bill is now the new republican nominee for the 9th Congressional District that has to have a new election because of Mark Harris get lost in the process.

That’s some civics for you.