$35,000 To $52,000 Or $24,600 To $86,291-Plus: Our State Superintendent’s Problem With Glossy Numbers

Take another look at the glossy propaganda that Mark Johnson is passing off as an informative flier for students that was used in yesterday’s post.


In the green section entitled “What Do Starting Teachers Make?”, Johnson states:

  • $39,300 per school year is the average salary for a beginning teacher in North Carolina.”
  • $26,400 per year is what the average college student makes after graduating from a UNC college. (Remember that includes all graduates whether they enter the work force or no and whether they go to grad school.)

Here is the salary schedule for teachers in the 2018-2019 school year.


Starting at $35,000 and ending at $52,000 or $58,240 if they earn NBCT status. Of course, some teachers will get more with local supplements. Some may earn bonuses with a bogus system of merit pay.

So what would Johnson say about the following report on a Gallup Poll and how would he spin it?

From Joe Killian of NC Policy Watch yesterday:

At its Tuesday work session, the UNC Board of Governors heard a report on a Gallup survey of 77,695 alumni from all 16 University of North Carolina system schools.

The survey measured outcomes for alumni of UNC system schools — their employment, income levels, feeling of connection to their university and views on the value of their UNC education.

Overall, the results were very positive.

It included a couple of rather telling data graphs from that Gallup Poll – this one especially.

So, Mark Johnson, where would public schools teachers stand on this graph?

And remember, this is average pay, not median pay, not starting pay, and not ending pay.

Put that on a glossy flier.

One thought on “$35,000 To $52,000 Or $24,600 To $86,291-Plus: Our State Superintendent’s Problem With Glossy Numbers

  1. Well let’s create our own little chart with BASIC teacher pay stacked against the bars in that graph. Hum doesn’t look so exciting then. Let’s talk about the working/learning conditions: poorly maintained buildings, lack of basic teaching/learning materials and I’m not talking about that hodpog of mess that teaches to the test with it’s scripted pacing guides that neither addresses students’ needs nor provides for a well rounded world class education where students enter adulthood with the critical knowledge and skills to make critically thought out educated decisions that are based upon facts and ethics, students who are so impoverished not just in material things but also impoverished in kindness, empathy, discipline, and respect, and then there’s the issues surrounding the leadership roles within the system. Shucks this barely scratches the surface of challenges graduates face upon entering the education profession. And poor little Markie cannot understand why we march and rally and petition and protest. If he thinks things are so glossy wonderful why did he abandon the classroom himself??


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