Instead of iPads, That Six Million Dollars Could Have…

Remember when Mark Johnson bought all those iPads with six million dollars that magically appeared?


It could have:

  • Funded 120 reading specialists for the school year at low-performing schools ($50k per).
  • Funded Governor’s School for a few years.
  • Covered the budget cut at DPI this year.
  • Funded a full restoration of Teacher Fellow Program for a while.
  • Funded teacher assistant positions around the state for the school year.
  • Funded professional development for the school year around the state.
  • Bought textbooks.
  • Funded bus drivers in many areas where teacher assistants are having to cover routes.
  • Bought other more pressing school supplies that teachers buy themselves for classroom use.
  • Funded more school psychologists.
  • Funded more school nurses.
  • Covered student lunch money debt