The Hypocrisy of Lt. Gov. Dan Forest on Charter Schools and Medicaid Expansion

“If our action in keeping men out of women’s bathrooms and showers protected the life of just one child or one woman from being molested or assaulted, then it was worth it. North Carolina will never put a price tag on the value of our children. They are precious and priceless.” – Dan Forest, April, 2016 concerning HB2, the “Bathroom Bill”

Price tag? Priceless?


Doral Academy was just formally approved by the State Board of Education. Lt. Gov. Dan Forest is on that SBE.

He also defended the application of a charter school that is associated with Glenn Way from Arizona. His for-profit scheme is well known and was commented about back in April in the News & Observer by the editorial board.

In today’s N&O, Forest was reported as admonishing the SBE for not giving approval to Way’s school in Wake County.

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, a member of the state board, complained about the “stall tactics” he said were being used by opponents of those two charters. He said the delay is “punishing” the applicants who were already recommended for approval by the advisory board.

“We’re punishing them because other people aren’t going through the proper procedures and process that they have to go through and that we’re requiring of them to do,” Forest said. “I just want to make sure that the charter community and everybody else that’s engaged in this feels like they’re being treated fairly through this process.”

One could go and see how the advisory board is put together and see how politically linked it is.

And “stall tactics?” The number of charter schools in NC has doubled since the cap was lifted less than ten years ago.

Yet with money going to out-of-state for-profit charter school chains at the delight of Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, it seems most hypocritical that as the leader of the NC Senate he has not done anything to help expand Medicaid in NC. It’s especially double-faced in that expanding Medicaid would literally cost the state nothing and funding charter schools to be run by out-of-state entities not only costs tax payers but affects traditional schools adversely.

And wasn’t it Forest who said that there should never be a price tag on people?