Actually Mark Johnson Needs The Economics & Financial Literacy Class

With news that an economics and personal finance class could possibly be mandatory for NC public school students and course standards for that class would be developed by DPI, it seems that maybe the very person running DPI might practice his own “financial literacy” and provide a more positive model.

  1. Johnson called for an audit of the Department of Public Education. And that million dollar audit to find wasteful spending actually showed that DPI was underfunded.
  2. Johnson’s reorganization of DPI came after he won an empty lawsuit against the state board over having more powers over the DPI budget. That lawsuit lasted until the second summer of his term.
  3.  Johnson seemed rather complicit with the legislature cutting the budget for DPI while he was actually taking taxpayer money to fight the state school board over the power grab that the NCGA did in a special session that gave him control over elements of the school system that the voting public did not actually elect him to have.
  4. Johnson allocated almost $5 million to early grade literacy for the Read to Achieve Initiative.  Remember that $200 dollars for each reading teacher int eh state? That money was part of funds originally provided in 2016, yet its allocation in 2018 was something that Johnson seemed to want to get credit for.
  5. Johnson bought 6 million dollars worth of iPads for some teachers. They never requested them. And the money came from where?
  6. Johnson supported both the extensions and renewed investment of two failed initiatives: Read to Achieve and the NC Virtual Charter Schools.
  7. Johnson championed the Innovative School District which to date has one school. One. With its own superintendent.
  8. Johnson has dispersed countless glossy flyers. Those very flyers spread rather debatable “facts.” And gloss costs a lot.
  9. Johnson made a unilateral decision to replace a reading program that schools invested lots of money in just this year. The decision he made to replace mClass with iStation was against the recommendations of state experts and wastes any investment in the previous program.

Just some thoughts.